Couples Therapy Near Me

Help Managing Stress MNRelationships can be difficult, and almost all relationships are work to a certain degree. Moving past obstacles within yourself and together as a couple can be very difficult. Oftentimes couples are unable to effectively communicate and this causes problems within relationships. Having pent-up feelings and not expressing these as they come can either create resentment, or have your feelings come out sideways. Many times both parties will feel misunderstood or emotional neglect, leaving them to ponder the importance of their relationship.

If you and your partner are able to come to the conclusion that together, you can benefit from a couples therapist, Laurie Grengs has over 33 years of experience and finding someone with experience like this will help your experience through this process be a positive one. Having a third party guide you two to have open communication is what you need, and having a mutual person guide the conversation can be beneficial in order for both parties to be heard and understood.

Some relationship problems seem to be more common than others, and although there is no guide to which problems are easier to deal with than others, or more normal than others, many times the base of the problem is communication. Having a neutral third party to listen and communicate communicate impartially is a positive step because during arguments or disagreements many people often get clouded by their emotions or past problems come up in conversations making it hard for effective talks. Counseling helps couples gain insight into yourself, your relationship and your partner. You will gain practice correcting the mistakes you make in your relationship.

Whether you feel self-conscious about your feelings, or are unable to articulate how you feel, sometimes we assume that our partner knows what we are thinking and feeling and what we want. Sometimes we want our partner to be there for us, and understand everything we are going through, yet this is not a healthy approach. Communicating your wants and needs is necessary. It takes both parties to communicate and it takes two to also have an argument, settle a conflict and conversate. Seeking counseling means that both parties need to be on board and willing to work through issues and willing to negotiate. If you find that you and your partner have difficulty with effective and open communication, couples counseling can help you create conversation that’s free of conflict and that promotes a healthier relationship.