Couples Therapy Coon Rapids Minnesota

Couples Therapy Coon Rapids MinnesotaThe most effective couples therapy can require hard work on the part of the couple, and there may be times when it feels like it is not worth the effort.  This is due to the enormous complexity of relationships. If you have sought individual therapy in the past, you likely know that making sense of your own issues can be very difficult because your own life is so complex.  Making progress in therapy with your relationship partner is not merely a matter of adding one more person to the equation; it can add a significant complexity to the therapy process. To ensure that your effort has the best possible chance of success, it is important to select a therapist with the experience and expertise to understand the complexity of your relationship and someone who connects with you in a meaningful way.

Coon Rapids Couples Counseling

Laurie Grengs’ experience which dates back almost four decades has resulted in many successful therapeutic relationships with couples in Coon Rapids, MN.  She understands the patterns and dynamics that so often characterize couples’ relationships, and she is able to use her experience to help couples overcome obstacles and improve communication. It is also important to point out that Laurie is extraordinarily good at seeing each couple’s relationship as unique to them.  Patterns and dynamics can provide a great deal of helpful information, and the most helpful aspects of couples’ therapy often come from a therapist’s ability to provide insights and point out the unique patterns of your relationship. Laurie can also help you and your partner identify and measure even small successes in your relationship, so that you can feel a sense of progress even when therapy becomes difficult.

Build Trust and a Healthy Relationship

And that is truly where Laurie Grengs excels as a therapist.  Couples who have worked with her have certainly benefited from her experience, but it is Laurie Grengs’ humanity that people connect with.  Not all therapists have the ability to help each member of a couple feel equally validated. Consequently, for many couples seeking therapy for the first time, the feeling of inequality of treatment from the therapist can inhibit the couples’ progress.  Laurie prioritizes building trust with both of you, which goes a long way toward reaffirming her investment in helping your relationship get back to where you want it to be. She can help you rebuild a healthy relationship built on love, trust and open communication.

Whether you are considering couples counseling for the first time or are looking for a new therapist who is better able to help you, Laurie Grengs would be a great choice.  To schedule an appointment in her Coon Rapids, MN office, call 877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326.