Couples Therapist in The North Metro

Couples Therapist in The North MetroAll couples experience difficulty at one time or another. Laurie Grengs has earned her expertise in the noth metro, as a couples’ therapist by practicing for over three decades. She has worked with couples as well as individuals, and she understands the complex nature of relationships. She has helped many couples work through the unique circumstances that define the difficulty they are experiencing, whether minor communication issues or matters that threaten the long-term viability of their relationships. Laurie offers help to couples who are in need of a neutral third-party perspective and support during a difficult time. If you live in or near Anoka, Minnesota, Laurie can provide the help and support you need.

Keeping your Relationship Healthy

Keeping relationships healthy is hard work. Laurie Grengs understands that most couples who seek her help are working hard, and she is able to help them refocus their efforts more efficiently and with insights that may be new to those couples. When you are in the middle of a struggling relationship, your view of the problem can get distorted and amplified. Laurie often helps by putting a new lens on your perspective.

When we are struggling in a relationship, it can help to go back to the basics. Laurie helps clients by reminding them to work with your partner from a place of love. Delivering honest feedback, for example, is likely an act of love. But if the patterns of your relationship are defined in part by defensiveness, feedback is more apt to be interpreted as hostility and fault-finding. Getting help from Laurie can help you and your partner re-frame the way you communicate and offer each other feedback.

Licensed Relational Therapist in The North Metro

Listening to one another is a trait that can also be lost over time. With the help of a licensed therapist, learning to listen to one another can make a huge difference in how you communicate with each other. And with good listening skills in place, improvement in the relationship can also take place. If you look at disagreements as opportunities to solve a problem together, rather than as a need to prove that you can win the argument, you are more likely to fight fairly and solve the problem before it becomes toxic. Couples who seek to win arguments often forget that means that the other has to lose the argument. Couples who fight with the intent of winning never really win. If one of you loses, both of you lose.

Experienced Couples Therapist, North Metro

Laurie Grengs is exceptionally good at reminding couples to empathize with each other. Chances are, you initially got together because of your commitment to empathize with each other. Over time, empathy for our partners can diminish. But it can also be restored, especially with the help of couples’ counseling. You can contact Laurie Grengs by phone at 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326, or by email at