Couples Life and Growth Coach

Couples Life and Growth CoachAll relationships can have problems. Relationships are complex and are impacted by external forces such as job pressure, financial stress, and illness. We have a lot to understand about how to overcome the difficulty that occasionally arises in relationship and it is normal to find that you and your partner may need professional help to overcome difficulties. Laurie Grengs is a licensed counselor who can be of great help as a couple’s life and growth coach. She has served her community for more than three decades and has served many couples who are looking to understand each other better and grow together.

Find Ways to Grow in your Relationship

During her time in practice, Laurie Grengs witnessed a wide range of issues faced by couples and she has also developed strategies that build upon established therapeutic interventions so that the couples she works with can make real progress. Providing couples with developmental opportunities in the areas of life and personal growth allows for both individual progress and greater success as a team. In that way, the work you do with Laurie Grengs mirrors life. In the context of your relationship, you are still an individual; and in the context of your individuality, you have responsibilities to your relationship. Time and circumstance can cause us to forget or drift away from the simplest elements of what defines our relationship. Laurie Grengs can help us return to those elements and appreciate them once again.

Relationships have organic properties, which is why the term ‘life’ and ‘growth’ are appropriate to describe our efforts to maintain their health. When time has passed and we have not nurtured our relationship, or when illness, tragedy, or other painful circumstances introduce prolonged stress to our lives, we may not be able to give our relationships the attention they need to encourage their growth and development. There are consequences to such occurrences. Relationships feel the impact of such circumstances. But they need not fail completely.

Experienced Couples Therapist, MN

Laurie Grengs understands the value that can come from a loving and committed relationship and has dedicated her career to life and growth coaching. When applied to couples who have found themselves at a point in their relationship where they are not communicating well and are experiencing difficulty, Laurie Grengs has the ability to help you regain the love and care that defines good relationships.

Growth is essential to good relationships, but it is not necessarily a constant process. It may need encouragement, or coaching, in order to get it back on track. And Laurie Grengs is the kind of therapist who can help you accomplish it. To schedule time with Laurie Grengs, call (763) 572-2326 or (877) 572-2326.