Couples Counseling

Couples TherapyLaurie Grengs is an experienced psychologist with a successful practice in Coon Rapids, MN, offering help to couples who are having difficulty or struggling in some way. Every relationship goes through difficulty at one time or another. When relationships are less healthy, people can experience difficulty more intensively and more frequently. For more than three decades, she has worked with couples, lending her insight and providing hope that can create higher levels of empathy for one another, which in turn can lead to better ways of responding to the conflict that occurs within your relationship.

Experienced Relationship Therapist

Laurie Grengs has practiced relationship counseling with many different types of people who have shared all types of relationship issues. She has helped a great number of people work through emotional trauma from childhood and in their relationships, unhealthy patterns of thinking and acting, and a wide range of emotional and psychological processes. Perhaps most importantly, she works with couples to get to the root of relationship issues and create healthier patterns with each other.

If you are committed to your relationship, you likely know that you must work hard to fix the problems that grow between you and your partner. There are often no easy responses to problems that occur between couples, but the hard work you put in can yield positive results. Even small steps can prove to be significant.

Some of the small steps that Laurie suggests for all couples include the following:

  1. Always start by acting from a place of love. For example, if one or both of you have a penchant for becoming hostile or aggressive when consuming alcohol, acting out of love would determine that it is in your best interests to curb that habit. These behaviors will help you develop healthier, clearer, and more loving modes of communication.
  2. The importance of I-statements cannot be overstated. When you use I-statements, you tell your partner that you’re taking responsibility for your feelings. Concentrate on describing how your partner’s behavior makes you feel.
  3. Do all you can to listen to your partner without a preconception of what your partner is going to say. Listening and waiting your turn to talk will diminish, if not eliminate, the subtle desire to win the argument you’re having. Couples who seek to win arguments often forget that it means that the other has to lose the argument. But if you’re in the relationship together, win-win situations should be your goal.
  4. Perhaps most important, you should empathize with your partner. Lend your best self to the person you’re sharing your life with. Sometimes, that can be difficult, but if you do have difficulty with that or any other aspect of your relationship, Laurie Grengs can be helpful.

If you and your spouse or partner are having a rough time and live in the Coon Rapids, Anoka or Blaine area, consider contacting Laurie Grengs at 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326.