Couples Counseling Near Me

Help Managing Stress MNLaurie Grengs Counseling practice is located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota and she serves those in the Coon Rapids, Anoka, Blaine, Andover, Spring Lake Park, Ham Lake area. If you live in the area and are considering couples counseling, Laurie Grengs would be an ideal choice for you and your relationship partner. Whether you are trying to maintain a healthy marriage and want a couples counselor to help you maintain that health, or if you are uncertain that you and your partner are going to make it, Laurie Grengs has the insight and expertise to help you find relief and reach resolution. Laurie has practiced couples counseling for over thirty-five years, and has helped many people get their marriages back to a healthier state. She works with couples to identify the underlying causes of relationship issues and create better and healthier patterns.

Build A Healthier Relationship

All couples experience problems of one kind or another and most relationships require more than a quick-fix approach. Couples who are dedicated to their relationships must also work at doing what is necessary to identify the issues they experience and, eventually, improve their relationships. Taking small steps to creating a healthier relationship require more reluctant people to take what may seem to be a huge step in seeking marriage counseling, but with someone like Laurie Grengs, you are likely to look back on that step as one of the easiest and best steps you have ever taken.

Each couple with whom Laurie Grengs works is unique, and she treats them with respect. Even so, there are some things that can be generalized and then modified to meet the unique needs of each couple. Laurie Grengs therefore recommends a number of things to consider as you begin the counseling process with her.

● First is that you commit to working from a place of love. Consider your communication patterns and work to improve them.

● Use “I” statements, which encourages taking responsibility for feelings and behavior. If you are inclined to say things along the lines of, “You did this just to make me angry,” another way of phrasing it might work better: “When you come home drunk, I feel scared.”

● Next, check yourself for an agenda that may be less than completely honest that you may be using simply to “win” the fight you and your partner may be in. Simply wanting to win a fight with your spouse could indicate that your goals as a couple are not mutually shared. And, ideally, they should be. But Laurie Grengs can help you clarify your intentions and alter behaviors that are hindering your success as a couple.

● Next, enjoy things outside of your relationship. It can be healthy to have interests outside of your primary relationship.

Reduce Conflict In Your Relationship

If you are looking to improve communication with your partner, work through conflict and make your relationship stronger and healthier, call Laurie at (763) 572-2326 to make an appointment.