Couples Counseling Coon Rapids

Minneapolis Couples CounselingOn your wedding day, with your whole life in front of you, it is easy to think that your life will be a fairy tale. After all, you’ve found the love of your life and the two of you can conquer any problems that arise. What is hard to see on that magical day is that life can present unexpected challenges and, over time, people and priorities can change and communication can be unexpectedly strained for long periods of time. Marriage is hard work and sometimes you need to focus on it and work to reconnect. If you find yourself frustrated with your spouse, or uncertain about your future, it may be time to begin couples counseling to help you and your spouse get back on the same page. Laurie Grengs is a psychologist with more than thirty years of experience helping couples in the Blaine, Coon Rapids, Anoka and Andover area find their way back to each other.

Below are three of the most common reasons that couples seek marriage counseling:

● Communication between you and your spouse is mostly negative. This negative communication pattern can be hurtful for both partners and tends to become a habit. Marriage counseling can help you and your spouse use more positive language to communicate your feelings and help you understand the importance of positive communication and begin a new communication pattern.
● Infidelity: If one or both spouses has been unfaithful, marriage counseling can help you determine if the relationship can be saved. Recovering from an affair can be extremely difficult and having the help of a trained and experienced therapist can help you face issues of trust, forgiveness and determine if you can find a way forward together.
● Roommates: If you and your partner feel more like roommates, or ships passing in the night than intimate partners, a marriage counseling can give you strategies for finding time to focus on each other and your marriage, even with competing demands such as work, children and life.

Experienced Marriage Counselor

Laurie Grengs and her team at the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy can help you and your spouse with any number of marital struggles. We can help develop strategies to facilitate improved communication and intimacy. All marriages struggle at times, but you can find your way through those struggles as a stronger couple. Laurie can help you find a new level of love. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Laurie, call her today at (763) 572-2326 or (877) 572-2326.