Counselor Coon Rapids

TherapyThe struggle of life is real, and most of us could benefit—sometimes greatly—from having someone to hear us out, to tell our story to, and to help us make sense of how we are going about living our lives. Laurie Grengs is a licensed psychologist located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, who has nearly thirty-five years of professional counseling and therapeutic experience. Laurie is uniquely qualified to be of assistance to virtually anyone who is struggling to optimize one or more aspects of their lives.

Managing Stress In A Complex World

What is arguably most common in the human population in the second decade of the twenty-first century is the struggle with depression. We are wound tighter than ever and we are expected to succeed in the endeavor. We earn less for the hours we work than ever before. And for most of us, there is a quiet, subtle, but undeniable pressure not just to succeed, but to approach, if not achieve, perfection. When we look at that situation realistically and logically, it is not difficult to understand the folly of it. We absorb the stress that is around us—and it takes little effort to then imagine the exhaustion that comes as a result. Those forces act upon us to some degree without our even knowing it. Over time, our personal efficiency can suffer because we have allowed whatever kind of tumult of daily life affecting us to become normal.

Laurie Grengs offers a wide variety of services to help individuals achieve strength and maximize the love and joy in their lives. She specializes in depression counseling, couples counseling, marriage therapy, executive coaching, life coaching, trauma therapy and substance abuse.

Laurie Grengs Can Help You Manage Stress And Find Strength

So whether we find ourselves in the actual city streets of a concrete jungle or in the more symbolic kind, it is likely true for all of us that subtle forces cause us to normalize stress. The effect of absorbing such forces is likely to create cognitive dissonance—the absence of real evidence of stress (because the sources of it have been normalized) leads us to believe that we have no reason to feel stressed, yet the effects are undeniable—which can in turn create lower levels of efficiency in our professional lives, in our personal lives, and on our physical and mental health. Whatever the causes and effects, however, a helpful therapeutic relationship with a professional like Laurie Grengs can do wonders to reset oneself. Contact Laurie at 1-877-572-2326 for more information or to schedule an appointment.