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Therapy MNOur society is more aware than ever before that depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders are not only commonplace, but nearly epidemic in nature. Even the most benign and subtle of mental illness is an illness, and illnesses not only deserve to be treated, they need to be treated.

No one would argue that all individuals are deserving of lives devoid of depression, anxiety, and other mental issues.   Greater understanding of these maladies has given way to further understanding that it is very difficult to treat oneself successfully. To overcome the persistence of conditions like depression and anxiety, it’s best to seek the help of a trained and compassionate professional. Laurie Grengs is unsurpassed in her ability to help individuals who are attempting to add more positivity to their lives by addressing the underlying concerns of maladies like depression and anxiety.

Depression and Anxiety Counseling, MN

Laurie Grengs understands the complexities of modern life and lends perspective to the underlying causes of the individual’s present difficulty. Her commitment to helping people find the best possible path to wellness demonstrates respect for that complexity. Many people who are reluctant to seek counseling are those who need it and can benefit from it the most. There is often a fear of stigma associated with one’s reluctance to seek counseling. Laurie Grengs understands this, and works with her patients to overcome such concerns.

Finding help from a qualified professional such as Laurie Grengs truly can help the individual who is in need of counseling change the patterns that lessen quality of life. The work is hard, but it is ultimately valuable to the person who not only comes to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but begins to understand that they deserve to feel its warmth.

Laurie Grengs: Counseling Services in Minneapolis, MN

Whether you are experiencing the difficulty of managing a busy schedule or the weight of a more severe kind of depression, Laurie Grengs will be able to help you. Grengs emphasizes an interpersonal approach that honors the experiences of her patients. She is compassionate, warm, and seeks to help the individual with the presenting problem find the most manageable and realistic means of alleviating and, ultimately, resolving the underlying issues. So whether those underlying issues emerge from difficult and persistent childhood memories or more recent stresses related to one’s profession.

Laurie Grengs’ expertise, compassionate listening, and interpersonal warmth can be of great assistance in overcoming one’s present limitations. Call Grengs today at (877) 572-2326 or email .