Counseling Services Coon Rapids MN

TherapyThe International Center For The Attainment Of Love And Joy offers a multitude of positive therapy options for local Coon Rapids, MN residents. Life isn’t always easy, in fact it’s usually not. If you’re dealing with a past, present or future issue and need a third parties ear, opinion, guidance or encouragement we are here for you. We can be your greatest tool, we offer a place to vent, reflect and speak your mind, free from judgment, embarrassment and a defensive nature.

Depression Counseling

Depression is real and its effects are real. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, if you haven’t been feeling yourself, been struggling through the day or don’t find joy in the things you use to, it may be time to talk to someone. We offer a non-medicated approach to help you deal with your feeling, emotions and when to be about to recognize when it’s time to seek help.

Marriage Counseling

They’re can be many underlining reasons a marriage is experiencing problems. Our marriage therapy sessions can help you understand each other’s point of view, improve communication and if you’re both willing we can save that sacred bond you both vowed to protect. We use marriage friendly techniques and want to help you see positive results, marriage issues hurt more than the two of you, if you’ve grown a family it will affect everyone, even if you do your best to keep your problems concealed from your children.

Trauma Counseling

Traumatic life events are hard to leave in the past, no matter how hard you try. If you’ve experienced abuse, a close death, a life threatening incident or are being haunted by your past we can help. Our therapy is holistic and we are dedicated to providing you with the tools to leave your past behind you and start fresh, for endless life possibilities.

Individual Counseling

If you are in need of someone to talk to, that has an unbiased, educated and only constructive opinion our individual therapy sessions may be just what you need. Our therapists offer a safe place for you to express your troubles, worries, heartaches or doubts. We can help you sort some of your inner thoughts out.

Anger Management

Anger issues hurts more than just the people around you. Not being able to control your negative emotions also hurts you. It is important to seek some assistance when trying to change your ways. Whether its court ordered, a family decision or your own decision we want to help you find the tools you need to keep yourself in control of your own emotions.

Substance Abuse

You are not alone if you suffer from addiction, though it can feel like it. We offer therapy assistance, along with or after your treatment is completed to help you stay accountable and sober. When you’ve made the choice to stay sober there’s never an amount of too many support systems to keep you on track.
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