Corporate Executive Therapist Near Me

Corporate Executive TherapistThe pressures on corporate executives are significant, and it is safe to say that they are no less severe than they have been in the past. More and more corporate executives are seeking help from therapists to help them manage the stress associated with the enormous responsibilities of their positions. Laurie Grengs, whose practice is based in part on her knowledge of the corporate world and who offers executive coaching services, is an excellent choice for executives in search of counseling and support.

Laurie Grengs has accumulated knowledge of the corporate world and has developed an effective executive coaching component in her practice as a result. She combines her corporate knowledge with an unsurpassed background in the provision of therapy. She is well versed in the nature of interpersonal relationships and has great capacity to understand the issues you are facing as a result of your profession.

Experienced Executive Coach

Laurie can help you work on executive coaching strategies that can enhance your professional success. She can also lend you the time, insight, and forthright honesty that is necessary to help you move forward in your job. The stress of the executive should not be underestimated. Laurie not only knows how to help people address business-oriented concerns, she has the ability to help you make real progress in overcoming unhealthy patterns that stem from years of working in high-pressure circumstances.

And along the way, Laurie will demonstrate understanding of the specific needs of your business. A therapist who understands the world of business is a rare commodity indeed. And for that therapist to possess such exceptional counseling skills makes Laurie Grengs a gift to those who receive her good counsel. She possesses keen insight as to the nature of people’s interactions, and when examined in the context of your career, you are likely to see demonstrable benefits quickly. The combination of what is commonly referred to as talk-therapy and research-based assessment of skills and aptitudes, progress in coping with stress is soon to follow.

Support for Corporate Executives

Executives often fall victim to their own unrealistic expectations. Along the way, many forget that they are in fact human beings. And human beings are susceptible to the pressures and stressors of their environment. Given that the corporate world is often defined by unrealistic expectations, many corporate executives suffer in silence. In Laurie Grengs’ presence, you may not be able to remain silent, but you will almost certainly be able to enjoy some peace.

When you are ready to take steps to feel relief from the pressure of the corporate world, contact Laurie Grengs at (763) 572-2326 or