Coon Rapids Life Coach can Help with Procrastination

Life Coach Coon RapidsDo you have a problem starting or finishing tasks? Do you keep putting them off until the last minute, and then sometimes not even finish them? Laurie Grengs, a life coach based in Coon Rapids, MN, can help you resolve procrastination issues that can have a negative impact on your life. Procrastination, even for people who appear to handle it successfully, can produce unfavorable results and have an adverse effect on the psyche. There are a number of different types of procrastinators, and reasons that they do it, but the end result is always the same: an incomplete life. Below are some of the types of procrastinators and tactics that can help them break out of their rut.

Hedonistic Procrastinators

These types of procrastinators often have a problem delaying self-gratification. They want whatever currently interests them, without the ability to wait for it. These days, this often takes the form of dinking around on the internet. Rather than getting their work done and then reaping the rewards, these people will put off work in exchange for immediate pleasure, thereby pushing any bad feelings away. To resolve this, try concentrating on what the result would be if you started working on your immediate priorities right now. As you start to realize the positive impact that would bring, you can start to change your trends.

Masochistic Procrastinators

This sort of procrastinator gets a feeling of success from finishing projects at the last minute. Oftentimes this can stem from a reversion to rebellion that formed during adolescence. And it is usually guilt or some form of Oedipus complex that spurs people to do this. Seeing a life coach who is trained to help resolve issues of self-sabotage can help reverse this trend in your life.

Unstable Sense of Self Procrastination

People who are unsure of who they are are more likely to engage in procrastination. For instance, this can present itself in the form of the college student who is constantly switching majors, unsure of what they want to do with their life. Establishing a healthy sense of who you are can help solve this issue. A willingness to be able to go into the unknown while engaging in self-exploration also helps people break from this. And a life coach can also help you find your passion.

Successful Procrastinators

There are people who are able to successfully make their way through life while procrastinating at every step. They get good grades, promotions and raises, and are thought by others to be successful. The problem is that, while these people appear to be successful, oftentimes they are not living up to their full potential. Emptiness can result within these people, however. But when they try putting their full energy into a project, their lives often become more fulfilling and happier.

Coon Rapids Life Coach

Laurie Grengs, a life coach and psychologist with a M.A. from the University of St. Thomas, can help resolve procrastination issues that you may be dealing with. She that these problems can be difficult to get through on your own, and is here to help. So if you want assistance with dealing with your procrastination problems, pick up the phone and call Laurie Grengs, a licensed life coach in Coon Rapids, today – not tomorrow!