Coon Rapids Counselor

Counselor Coon Rapids Laurie Grengs has been a trusted, licensed, practicing counselor for approximately thirty five years. Her practice is based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, where she has become an important and indispensable part of the community, offering therapy to individuals in need and providing relief from and resolution of a wide variety of psychological issues for members of the Coon Rapids community. Laurie Grengs’ counseling approach is based in excellent training, and comes from the belief in the power of love as an agent of healing and in the power of people to tap into their own wisdom, which sometimes needs the help of a trained professional to maximize.

Laurie Grengs offers her counseling services in a variety of ways and in response to any number of issues. Her unique perspective and inherent desire to help others gives her insight into myriad issues that affect her clients. Among the issues Laurie Grengs is adept at helping others address include the following:

  1. Depression. Though the term ‘depression’ manifests in many, many different ways, Laurie is able to understand its many forms and provide context that can help unlock her patients’ ability to overcome the symptoms and get to the root of the problems at hand.
  2. Relationship counseling. Couples who are struggling in their relationships can count on Laurie to give them her fairest assessment of their presenting issues. Furthermore, Laurie will provide an honest appraisal of what’s causing the issues to persist.
  3. Substance counseling. If you or a family member are suffering from the effects of substance abuse, Laurie Grengs can help by providing insight and access to resources that might not have occurred to her patients before.
  4. Life coaching. Getting the most out of one’s life is one of the keys to experiencing joy. Laurie Grengs helps her clients find the path to lifelong joy, and can coach you to find your best self, whether in your personal life or your professional life.
  5. Trauma counseling. We all experience trauma at some point in our lives. Whether you are trying to understand a childhood trauma or one that occurred in your life more recently, Laurie has the insight to help you understand and contextualize it.
  6. Anger management. If the effects of past trauma and/or bouts with depression manifest in persistent feelings of anger, Laurie can help you unlock the answers to the mysteries of your life. Anger holds us back from experiencing life fully, and can actually be toxic to our health. But Laurie can help you overcome it so that your life can be more joyful and fulfilling.

Call (877) 572-2326 for more information about the suite of services Laurie Grengs provides or to schedule an appointment.