Confidential Counseling Coon Rapids MN

Therapy Coon Rapids MNIn life, everyone is handed their own set of cards, which includes struggles, happiness, loss and confusion but no two set are alike. If you are looking for some honest, respectful, positive encouragement or direction that is fully confidential The International Center For The Attainment Of Love And Joy is privately located in Coon Rapids, MN and dedicated to help seeing you through your past, current and future struggles.

Discreet Therapy Sessions

Though everyone has struggles, not everyone is okay with openly discussing them with friends, neighbors, family members or acquaintances; in some instances that may even make things worse. Which is why our therapy sessions are private, no walking into a fully populated waiting room and possibly seeing someone you know, or who knows you, your friends or your family. Your business is just that, yours. And our counselors understand that if complete discretion is desired, that is exactly what you deserve to get.

Focus More on Recovering

Whether you’re dealing with the past, present or future good energy is wasted if you’re concerned about possible gossip being spread, with our therapeutic counseling there is no need to worry about seeing a common face or becoming this week’s neighborly gossip talk. Our licensed therapists have secured a private location that can relieve your worries so you can focus on positive, effective healing. No matter what you are dealing with in life.

Therapy Services Offered in Coon Rapids MN:

• Depression Therapy
• Marriage Therapy
Trauma Therapy
Individual Therapy
• Anger Management
• Substance Abuse

24/7 Therapeutic Support

In addition to our private therapy location we offer 24/7 support. There is no need to make a list and bury your feelings down until the next week or month to see your counselor. You can call our licensed therapists day or night, rain or shine, snow or sleet and we will be ready to hear you and help guide you. There are no hidden fees, this unending support is offered with our standard rates because we are dedicated professionals wanting to help you improve your entire life, not just the hour you spend with us.

Contact our office today and talk to our licensed psychologist, who have had more than 35 years helping, healing and supporting at 1-877-572-2326, local 763-572-2326, or email at
, appointments within 24 hours are usually possible.