Children’s Therapy

family therapy providerEvery child is different, sees the world in a unique way and has their set of challenges as they grow up. Kids are impressionable and developing both physically and emotionally on their own journey. When a child is struggling, whether it be a battle with test anxiety or bullying at school, or having trouble because of a separation or divorce, getting them help and support can be an important step to help them continue to develop in a healthy way. Laurie Grengs is a highly trained therapist based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, who serves the communities of Blaine, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park, and Anoka, Minnesota. If you have a child who is in need of psychological assessment for any of a variety of presenting issues, or more direct therapeutic support, Laurie Grengs can help. With a proven track-record of helping people of all ages, Laurie’s warm manner and relaxed demeanor connects extremely well with children.

Addressing Childhood Difficult

Laurie provides a supportive atmosphere in which real growth and greater understanding can occur. She employs psychological assessments when appropriate and can offer long-term, intensive counseling for children who need it. Moreover, Laurie will include parents in her approach so that her knowledge of your child is as deep as it can be. And her approaches will be informed by the most current professional standards.

Laurie Grengs has offered individual therapy sessions for children throughout the tenure of her practice, which dates back more than three decades. She has established a reputation as an excellent licensed Minnesota Therapist as a result of having spent so much time helping people resolve issues that have negatively affected their lives. She comes from a patient-centered approach, which means that empathy is a top priority for her when she works with your child.

Experienced Children’s Therapist, MN

Many parents are reluctant to initiate a counseling relationship for their children, likely because they fear the labeling that occurs with children in therapy. But those labels are finally going away. We wouldn’t fail to take a child to a medical doctor when fever is present, and we should not fail to take a child to a qualified psychologist when mental health therapies may be in order.

One goal of the therapeutic relationship with children is to identify the underlying cause of the presenting problem. But beyond that professional baseline, it is important to simply help the child feel comfortable talking with the therapist so that forward progress can be made. Laurie Grengs does exactly that. Whatever the issue or issues being faced by your child, Laurie Grengs will be able to provide insight about the causes and strategies for making improvement. Call her at (763) 572-2326 or (877) 572-2326 to schedule an appointment.