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Protect your relationship from becoming a casualty of technology

Is Your Relationship Becoming a Casualty of Technology?

Today, technology and communication seem to go hand in hand, which can be a double-edged sword. The same cell phones and gadgets that keep us connected to far-away family and friends are conversely the very things that strain our personal associations. When staying connected has you feeling disconnected, it is important to seek a balance […]

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Say “I Do” to a Marriage Game Plan

Summer is the second most popular time of year for weddings, with 30 percent of couples exchanging vows during the warmer months. If you are saying “I do” this season, consider establishing a marriage game plan so that you know what to expect before taking your vows. At Laurie Grengs Counseling, many of our clients […]

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Couples Counseling

Answering Common Questions about Couples Counseling

At Laurie Grengs Counseling, we receive calls every day from people asking about our services. Many of the calls concern marriage or couples therapy. We welcome those inquiries and are grateful for the opportunity to provide guidance. Below we have answered a few common questions about couples counseling to open the lines of communication and […]

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Couples Life and Growth Coach

Couples Life and Growth CoachAll relationships can have problems. Relationships are complex and are impacted by external forces such as job pressure, financial stress, and illness. We have a lot to understand about how to overcome the difficulty that occasionally arises in relationship and it is normal to find that you and your partner may need professional help to overcome difficulties.

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Inner World of Unconditional Love

Inner World of Unconditional LoveWe know that unconditional love is an ideal and something to strive for, but it can be difficult, if not impossible, to attain. It is striving for it and getting closer to unconditional love that can provide meaning to our lives and give us the energy to fight back against feelings of despair when life begins to overwhelm us.

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Couples Therapy Coon Rapids MN

Couples Therapy Coon Rapids MNAny relationship can have its share of ups and downs. For couples involved in a marriage or long term relationship the stakes can be quite high if problems arise. Poor communication, trust issues and lack of compassion toward your partner are some of the biggest obstacles that put couples to the test. An experienced Coon Rapids, Minnesota

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Modern Couples Counseling

Modern Couples CounselingLaurie Grengs provides excellent, effective and responsive counseling for modern couples.  For almost four decades, she has offered her unique combination of empathy, professionalism, and deep knowledge of the human behavior to many local clients.  The couples who have worked with Laurie find that she has a keen view of the modern world

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Domestic Abuse Therapist

Domestic Abuse TherapistIf you are experiencing domestic abuse, please seek help – and, when you are ready to seek help, there is no better therapist to work with than Laurie Grengs.  Laurie Grengs is a licensed psychologist who has been helping people in the Coon Rapids, MN area for more than thirty-three years.  In that time, Laurie Grengs has provided therapy for many

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Marriage Counseling Services

Marriage Counseling in Coon Rapids, MinnesotaMarriage is not easy. A successful married relationship requires love, communication, commitment, trust and understanding. When the challenges in life bring either or both parties to a place of discontent there can be a breakdown in the marriage. A marriage therapist can help to identify the root of your struggles in the relationship and work collaboratively

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Abusive Relationship Counseling In MN

Abusive Relationship Counseling Center in Coon Rapids, MNHave you reached a point of recognition that you have been in an abusive relationship and you need help? Laurie Grengs is an experienced counselor who has extensive expertise in helping people who are in abusive relationships. Abuse in relationships can manifest in many different ways, so it can help to become familiar with some of the more general components of abusive relationships so…

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