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Abusive Couples Counselor

Abusive Couples CounselorAn aspect of relationships that is always regrettable and never acceptable is the presence of abuse.  If you are in an abusive relationship, Laurie Grengs is a counselor who can help you.  Laurie is a counselor who understands that.  While there may be certain aspects of abusive relationships that are present in many of those relationships

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Abusive Relationship Therapist

Abusive Relationship TherapistThe National Domestic Violence Hotline reports that on average 24 people each minute are raped, are victims of physical violence or are stalked by an intimate partner in our country. And, nearly 50% of men and women have experienced psychological aggressiveness by an intimate partner. Individuals do not plan to get into abusive relationships

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Abusive Relationship Counseling In MN

Abusive Relationship Counseling Center in Coon Rapids, MNHave you reached a point of recognition that you have been in an abusive relationship and you need help? Laurie Grengs is an experienced counselor who has extensive expertise in helping people who are in abusive relationships. Abuse in relationships can manifest in many different ways, so it can help to become familiar with some of the more general components of abusive relationships so…

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