Career Coaching Services Coon Rapids MN

Executive Coaching Coon Rapids MNAre you in search of Executive Coaching that can positively change your career? If so, our highly experienced, educated and professional psychologists can direct you to that change, increase your potential and that of your staff, or entire company. Located in Coon Rapids, MN our qualified executive coach, Laurie Grengs, has over 35 years of experience with large, fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller, individually or family owned companies. She has experience in providing effective leadership coaching, CEO coaching and even management coaching services.

Direction in your Career

Do you own a company, or maybe you’re a partner in a company that is seeing increased leads but doesn’t have the resources to complete the services requests? In the business world, that’s a good problem to have but still a legitimate dilemma. Your company is at a standstill, you either need to refer your leads or grow your company. Those two options come with a multitude of factors because every course of action you take has a reaction. If you’re looking for guidance, inside knowledge and an educated and experienced opinion – our executive coaching services would be most beneficial.

Enjoy Your Career

Maybe your highly successful but lost track of the passion you once had for your career. Though it may not distress you professional life now, it may have adverse effects in the long run. Our licensed physiologist can help you center your path, give you a direction and help you set short term and long term goals that will allow you to feel satisfied and bring back your passion, maybe even discover a new desire that can be applied to increase your career like never before.

Prosper In Your Career

Don’t let any factor dwindle your professional life, you’ve come this far. We can help you prosper, even if you see obstacles. Our eternal optimism, problem solving skills and high levels of education are major strengths you can utilize to get back on track and even exceed your previous records.

Contact the International Center For The Attainment Of Love And Joy to set up your confidential executive coaching appointment at 1-877-572-2326, local 763-572-2326, or email at , appointments within 24 hours are usually possible.