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Chemical Dependency Therapist

Substance Abuse CouselerAddiction is a common disease, and unfortunately the addiction or prescription medications and heroin have greatly increased in the past twenty years. Fighting addiction is an ongoing practice, and takes a lifetime of work. At the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, we have more than 30 years of experience in dealing with drug and alcohol abuse and are here to provide you with the ability to have a safe, unjudged environment. We want to assist you on your path to sobriety and help you as a recovery coach.

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Individual Therapist Coon Rapids

Individual TherapistSeeking a mental health professional can be an intimidating experience. Individual therapy is extremely beneficial to many people. It can help with a variety of things such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, learning how to cope, effectively communicate and more. If you are distressed, searching to vent or looking for ways to improve you life, especially emotionally, the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is here for you. We are comforting, non-judgemental and can give you constructive help to improve your life.

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Therapist North Metro

Laurie Grengs is a licensed therapist who provides excellent counseling services to many people in and around Coon Rapids, MN, where her office is located. If you have been thinking about starting to see a therapist, Laurie is an excellent choice for many reasons. She is not only highly qualified, she is well versed on numerous issues that tend to affect people including depression, anger management, marital problems, child and adolescent issues, substance abuse and trauma.

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Are you searching for a therapist who you’ll feel comfortable working with? At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, Laurie Grengs focuses on holistic therapeutic counseling, providing a range of counseling services, from family counseling to individual therapy. If you’re looking for a Coon Rapids, Blaine, Anoka, Andover or Ham Lake, MN, therapist who can help you work through your challenges and find internal peace, look no further.

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Addiction Therapy

Free From AddictionAddiction. One of the toughest behavioral aspects that all humans have to deal with on a daily basis. Whether you have an addiction to soda, unhealthy food, sex, alcohol, drugs, or anything else in this world, there is always one constant: addiction. It is extremely difficult to stop your addictive behaviors. As a struggle that individuals should not face alone, it is important that the citizens of Minneapolis, MN are provided with supportive counseling to get them through their addiction. Make 2015 the year that you quit your addiction and turn over a new leaf in your life! Partner with Laurie Grengs, a licensed Psychologist,  and her staff at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy.

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