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Find Relief From Depression

Finding Relief From DepressionFinding the right treatment for depression can seem like a difficult undertaking. Often, someone who is in the midst of a depressive episode can feel a level of confusion about where to turn for relief. How do you find a therapist in the Blaine, Andover or Ham Lake MN area who understands what you are feeling both mentally and physically

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Can People with Anger Issues Learn to Control it?

Can People with Anger Issues Learn to Control it?Anger is a natural and familiar part of the human emotional menu. But not all manifestations of anger are normal or healthy. In fact, some expressions of anger, or the behaviors associated with it, can be truly problematic. If you have received feedback from others about the way you express your anger

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How do I find the Right Therapist for Me?

Coon Rapids, MN Best TherapistIf you have reached the point of deciding that it is time to start working with a therapist, you should also understand that this decision is, in itself, a positive step. You may still feel a bit of anxiety about determining which therapist will be a good fit for you, and that is perfectly normal. Finding the right therapist for you is very important

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Understanding and Dealing with Depression

Understanding and Dealing with DepressionUnderstanding depression is often not easy. In fact, if your understanding of depression comes from other people’s descriptions of it, from the media, or from movies and TV, you may not see the full spectrum of symptoms and difficulty it can cause. The fact is, depression may look and feel different than you have been taught. Depression can

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Individual Adult Therapist Near Me

Adult Therapist Coon Rapids, MNSometimes, what we need most in order to process an issue and begin to move forward is a good one-on-one conversation. When you have a conversation with a qualified and licensed therapist like Laurie Grengs, you can literally feel yourself moving forward. Laurie Grengs offers individual adult therapy and she is close by and ready to start that first conversation with you.

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