Paul and Erica’s beginning journey in Marriage Therapy

In childhood each of the people in this marriage had not had their connection to their heart and soul nourished. They each longed as they grew into adulthood of a deep connection with themselves and others. I, as their marriage therapist and psychologist, suggested we explore how their feelings are and were dealt with within […]

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How To Create a Heart to Heart Marriage

A couple I worked with as their Marriage Therapist and Psychologist (names and dates changed to protect the couple’s privacy), described upon coming to see me for their first session, that they fought frequently. Erica and Paul reported that the subject that created the most conflict for their marriage was the lack of sexual desire […]

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Response to Christina

Dear Christina, How great your questions are. So many people I providepsychotherapy for struggle with the same concerns in the earlier phases of a relationship and also these questions often come up as a love relationship deepens and becomes long term. In couples counseling, I often work with couples who have deep sense of knowing that […]

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Dear Laurie

Dear Laurie, I am in the early months of a new relationship. I know this man is a great man, yet as we progress, I am struggling to keep connected emotionally. How do I create and maintain a heart to heart long term relationship? I know that this man and I are both very spiritual and so […]

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Psychotherapy for Sabrina as an Adult

Sabrina, as she deepened her commitment to her psychotherapy, knew facing her past was the only manner for her to be fully in the present. Her knowing of this process was deep in her soul. Sabrina had awakened to the realization that the only way to freedom now from her past was to face the […]

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