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August 23, 2021

That overwhelming feeling of hopelessness may be more than general sadness. Depression symptoms and severity often differ from one person to the next, but there is positive news: This condition is treatable. Here, Laurie Grengs Counseling will introduce ideas to help you learn to manage and discover freedom from depression as you begin your path toward healing and internal peace.

Defining Depression

According to the American Psychiatric Association, one out of six people will battle depression during their lifetime. Women are more likely to be affected than men and as many as one-third will encounter a significant incident of depression.

Depression is characterized by an endless feeling of sorrow and losing interest in the things you once enjoyed. In many cases, depression is the result of more than one incident or experience and may cause you to feel lost, unloved, or unwanted. The physical and emotional effects of depression can also negatively affect your relationships and ability to function at work, at school, and at home. Among other things, those battling depression may experience:

  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Decreased energy
  • Changes in appetite
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness

Small changes to your mindset and daily routines can help you learn to discover that crucial freedom from depression. While things may seem difficult or exhausting, you can start today by taking the first step.

Get Up and Get Out

If you have lost interest in the things that once brought you joy, you can reclaim that satisfaction by taking part in those activities again. Start small by simply getting up and getting out. A refreshing walk – even a short one – can help reenergize your spirit and leave you wanting more. Additionally, physical activity releases endorphins. These neurotransmitters make your body feel good and help increase your overall well-being.

You may still experience downtrodden feelings but motivating yourself to exercise, read, create art, write, or listen to music will show the power of your mind and body over this negative essence that has taken hold of you. Focus on your body movements or breathing to open yourself up to a more conscious experience and reconnect the mind and body. Once you convince yourself that you can and will take steps toward healing, the grip of depression begins to lose its power.

Soak Up Some Sun

In small doses, exposure to sunlight is beneficial and can help ward off feelings of gloom. Sunlight increases serotonin levels, which naturally helps boost your mood, focus, and happiness. Even just 15 minutes of sun each day can make a big difference.

Sunlight also helps to:

  • Reduce blood pressure, helping you feel more relaxed
  • Absorb calcium for stronger bones and teeth
  • Produce better and more fulfilling sleep, which is essential to overall health

Fuel Up with Feel-Good Foods

Eating habits and patterns affect how your body feels, so be sure to fuel it with feel-good foods, such as those rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These building blocks help to stabilize mood and are found in fish and seafood, nuts, some dairy products, and eggs. Foods rich in B vitamins, such as citrus fruits and leafy greens, can also help ward off depression. Studies show that B vitamins help the brain manage moods, so incorporating some of these foods can improve your state of mind and your comprehensive emotional health.

Seek Support

Battling depression is a tall order for one person to handle alone but asking for help might seem impossible or like a sign of weakness. While even the simplest things may seem difficult when you feel extreme sadness, please know that there are people who want to help you recapture your essence and find freedom from depression. Reach out to these people, be it friends or family members.

Your support system is there to lift you up without judgment. They know you best and can lend the supportive ear you need to uncover the happiness within your mind and your heart. Meet up with a friend for coffee or phone a loved one just to check in. Talk with them about how you are feeling. The process of opening up can help you realize your own strength and resiliency.

These little steps can go a long way toward proving to yourself that the best version of you is still within, and releasing your own adversity allows that spirit to return to the forefront. From there, you may continue your journey to discover the freedom from depression you seek. If these self-help ideas are beyond what you think you can accomplish on your own, Laurie Grengs Counseling is here to assist. Professional depression counseling can help you overcome all that makes you feel lost. Contact Laurie today to set up an appointment and learn to thrive again.

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