Discover Your Own Springtime Renewal

March 30, 2021

As its name implies, the spring season is a time to bounce, bound, or rebound into newness. The regrowth of nature’s vegetation and blooming flowers signals a restored energy all around. See this season of exploration as a time to declutter emotions and expectations to welcome joy and strength. Experience a transformation and use these ideas to discover your own springtime renewal.

Declutter Your Home, Head

In preparing for your fresh awakening, clear out the things that no longer bring you joy or serve a purpose. Declutter the spaces in your home but also those in your mind and your heart. Doing so will open you up to so many possibilities for hopefulness and love.

Think about where you are and where you want to be. What will help you get to that point? Make a list of the things in your life that are important to you and that are working. This list may be different each year, as your wants and needs change and evolve over time.

Then ask yourself what it is you truly want and what is holding you back from reaching that happiness. Identifying roadblocks is an important step toward learning to overcome them.

Many times, these barriers manifest themselves as fear or doubt. You may fear failure or rejection or be afraid to ask for help. Maybe you have self-doubt or feel overwhelmed or lack the motivation necessary to keep going toward personal growth.

Once you recognize any limiting beliefs, you can devise a game plan to challenge and conquer them.

Decisions and Goals

Another step toward your springtime renewal involves setting goals. This often includes confronting the ideas that contribute to mind and spiritual clutter. A life coach can work with you to pinpoint fulfilling objectives that will guide your emotional growth or lasting change.

Any action starts with a plan or motivating factor. Everything you do throughout every day is done with a plan or with intention. Your life coach can help you understand the power of those intentions and how to adjust that energy toward achieving your goals and improving self.

Whether this involves releasing your mind from thoughts that no longer serve you or learning to embrace new ideas, your journey toward fulfillment begins with your intentions. Unlocking that potential can lead you to infinite joy and unconditional love.

Make Time for YOU

Revitalize your spirit by learning to care for yourself. This is more than eating healthy and getting enough sleep. Our lives are so busy today that “me time” is an important means toward reconnecting with or rediscovering self. Some ways to make time for yourself can include:

  • Saying no. Learn to say no to people and things that drain your energy. Putting yourself first is sometimes necessary and can save you from feelings of guilt or frustration.
  • Balance your schedule. Be sure to include time in your day for relaxation or meditation. Too many demands and not enough personal focus creates a mental health imbalance.
  • Detach. Technology demands a lot of our time and often controls it. Find time to walk away from your phone or computer to free yourself from social obligations and take charge of your time.

Think Happy Thoughts

This transformation toward self-improvement will take effort. You may begin to feel frustrated or overpowered, but these are common hurdles. To keep from being discouraged, take a moment for yourself. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and regain your focus.

Think about the things that bring you joy. Make a list of your accomplishments to gain a positive outlook on your journey and use that as incentive to keep going. Encourage yourself with constructive comments on your progress. Your life coach can also help give you ideas to stay motivated and on track.

This newly arrived season of energy and revitalization is also a time to journey toward self-improvement. Decluttering at home as well as within yourself can lead toward discovering your own springtime renewal and yield more joy and enjoyment. Laurie Grengs Counseling can get you started on your journey or help you along the way with life coaching services. To learn more, contact Laurie today.

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