Beyond Trauma: Finding Joy in Recovery

Beyond Trauma: Finding Joy in Recovery

February 25, 2021

The effects of trauma can be overwhelming. Following a traumatic event, people oftentimes experience intense feelings of fear and depression and are hesitant to embrace any kindness or support from others. This is the nature of such a severe and stressful incident. Laurie Grengs Counseling can examine what you may be experiencing and help you look beyond trauma to focus on finding joy in recovery.

Identifying Trauma

Trauma manifests itself in many ways. The sudden end of an important relationship can be traumatic. Likewise, trauma can result from being involved in a violent act or experiencing an automobile or other type of accident. Returning to home and community after serving in the military or enduring the sudden death of a loved one can also generate sensations of trauma.

Keep in mind, however, that each person is different. These are only a few examples of what can potentially produce trauma, exhibited by feelings of shock and denial, minimizing emotions, and the hope that the experience is not real.

Effects of Trauma

A traumatic event may also leave some people with deep feelings of shame, embarrassment, or guilt.

Some may be shamed into wondering what they did to cause the event, or they may take unwarranted responsibility for it. Others may be fearful for their safety, that such an event can happen again, or that they may have trouble moving forward as a result. Still, many may be riddled with guilt that they should have been able to prevent the incident or that they somehow could have seen it coming.

Those who experience trauma often feel emotionally and psychologically paralyzed. As such, they close themselves off from seeking professional guidance due to embarrassment, shame, or guilt. These emotional energies can be strong enough to inhibit someone from reaching out for help.

They question whether they can trust someone to fully understand their feelings. However, untreated trauma can lead to a deeper sense of loneliness, isolation, and constant uncertainty.

Beyond Trauma

Seeking counseling or therapy after experiencing trauma can help you to once again find joy. Many are often taught that they should summon courage, directly face any obstacles, and keep moving forward. However, this goes against the nature of the human psychological structure and hinders one’s path toward recovery.

As people, our function and conduct follow a path of both learned and sensed behaviors. Our hearts, thoughts, and beliefs guide us as well as the many things we experience over a lifetime. The varying combinations of the content of these three areas will often impede someone from reaching out for help.

Finding Joy in Recovery

Finding joy in recovery is possible through kind, gentle, and effective counsel. Learning to heal your emotions and understand the consequences on your psychological spirit is a process. By engaging in and allowing guidance, you can rediscover peace and calm after experiencing times of pain and uncertainty.

Laurie Grengs Counseling can guide you toward healing through the cultivation of an uplifting and positive therapeutic relationship. Working together will help you to recognize traumatic thoughts, feelings, and experiences and to work through painful feelings of distress one step at a time.

Through this process, you will have a better understanding of your experienced trauma. You may also realize how creating a shift in perspective can ultimately open opportunities for acceptance and healing.

For those who have experienced trauma, hope for the future often feels bleak. Laurie Grengs Counseling can help you more positively process these common painful and internal responses.

Over the years, Laurie Grengs Counseling has helped many clients navigate this course, and can assist you as well. Beyond the trauma you can find hope, light, and a life of peace and joy. In addition, your experience is unique. Laurie Grengs Counseling is here to listen, share recommendations, and help in your healing process. Free yourself from the pain of trauma and be uplifted to finding joy in recovery. Contact Laurie Grengs Counseling today.

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