Audit Your Well-Being During Emotional Wellness Month

October 10, 2019

October is Emotional Wellness Month. As such, we wanted to take some time to consider what it means to be emotionally well. We also thought it might help to offer ideas for how to measure your feelings and tips to improve your overall emotional health.

Keep in mind that because everyone processes emotions differently, there are many ways to attain balance between the head and the heart. What we offer here are merely guidelines for discovering that equilibrium.


Awareness, comprehension, and recognition of our feelings is only one part of emotional wellness. Dealing with the stresses of life and adapting to change are important factors as well.

A person should be conscious of both positive and negative feelings to understand how to handle these emotions in a favorable way. Being in tune with your emotions can encourage development both spiritually and internally, and it is this capacity for personal growth that guides one toward attaining emotional wellness.


Daily stress is as predictable as the sunrise. Our physical health often is adversely affected by stress, which can lead to chronic conditions like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. You can, however, adjust your daily or weekly routines to reduce physical and mental pressures and benefit your overall well-being.

Look on the bright side and try to replace negative emotions with positive ones. Having a constructive outlook will make you feel better and help you quickly bounce back from a difficult situation. Consider mistakes as an opportunity to learn and give yourself credit for your accomplishments.

Sleep affects our mental and physical health. A person who is tired has difficulty with the simplest functions, so be sure to get plenty of rest. Quality sleep will improve your focus, responses, and thought processes. To secure your sleep routine:

    • Go to bed and get up at the same times each day
    • Make sure the environment is dark, quiet, and comfortable
    • Avoid the use of electronics before bedtime
    • Try reading to relax before bed

Surround yourself with good friends. Science indicates that having strong social connections reduces stress, boosts happiness, and helps when coping with trauma. Spend time with family and friends to strengthen existing bonds or try volunteering or taking a class to learn something new and expand your positive social circle.


Psychologists have discovered that people who are emotionally well have many of the same notable characteristics. Most of these attributes have developed over time and will continue to be refined throughout life, as true emotional wellness has no definitive limit.

Those who treat others well often do so as a reflection of their own happiness. Showing compassion and kindness demonstrates a sensitivity to the feelings of others. Someone who is emotionally well knows the importance of recognizing and helping someone in need.

Emotionally healthy people know themselves. The strengths, idiosyncrasies, and habits that help define you are the same traits everyone else sees. You exude a confidence in any situation because you like who you are. You are willing and able to adapt but still live life the way you want to rather than to please someone else.

Understanding your own emotions makes it easier for you to express them to others. Sharing excitement, fear, or sadness with loved ones shows security and honesty in the support you give and receive. Nurturing relationships reciprocate respect and allow the individuals within them to emotionally thrive.

Emotional wellness involves accepting, understanding, and responding to your feelings. No matter the situation, remaining optimistic is a good start toward living well despite the good or bad circumstances in life. Learning to create your own happiness is possible, and Laurie Grengs Counseling can help. Contact us for more on how to become emotionally healthy.

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