Anger Management Spiritual Counselor

October 10, 2018

Anger Management Spiritual CounselorSometimes, your anger makes you feel like you want to explode. For what can often seem like no reason at all, your blood boils and you feel like the only way you can feel a sense of relief is by letting loose on someone, even if that someone has nothing to do with the source of your anger. In those moments, it does not matter what the cause of your anger is, you just need to explode. And sometimes, you do just that. However, you may also realize that there are consequences to losing your temper inappropriately, or at the wrong time, or in front of the wrong people. In the back of your mind, despite being unable in the moment to control your anger, you know that it is a problem that you must address. Laurie Grengs can help you address your anger issues once and for all.

Managing your Anger

For more than thirty-five years, Laurie Grengs has served as a spiritual counselor and therapist, helping individuals overcome the difficulties that accompany uncontrolled anger. Anger management is a daunting issue for many, and Laurie Grengs offers a spiritual approach to it. As founder of the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, she has extensive experience in helping her clients learn about the true sources of their anger. And by learning about these underlying causes, you will become better able to create strategies and employ them effectively. Before long, you will make progress in your effort to harness the anger that before had control over you.

If you can relate, in any way, to the scenarios described above, you can benefit from the spiritual counseling that Laurie Grengs provides. When you work with Laurie, you gain insight into the dynamics of your life, the development of your personality, and the triggers that set off your anger responses. Laurie is exceptionally perceptive, especially in matters pertaining to our psychological responses. An outgrowth of her perceptiveness is your own potential growth from the processes she implements with you. This can take the form of individual counseling or anger management classes, each offering a unique means of addressing the issue. With individual counseling, you get concentrated time with a highly trained professional who can provide meaningful feedback and initiate new ways of thinking and feeling about the instigators of your anger. Participating in an anger management class allows you to benefit from the insights gained by others who have also had difficulty with anger.

Experienced Spiritual Counselor Focusing on Anger Management

Perhaps, best of all, Laurie Grengs comes from a centeredness of spirituality, honoring the unique spiritual perspectives of the valued people she works with. If you are ready to make progress in your quest for better anger management and you consider yourself a person of spirituality, Laurie Grengs can help you. You can contact her by calling 763-572-2326.

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