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May 6, 2018

Life can be difficult, complicated and challenging. There is no denying that. We all struggle with a variety of issues, sometimes from our past, sometimes from a current relationship and other times because of some sort of trauma. Finding a path forward is not always easy. Partnering with an experienced therapist can very often go a long way to helping you address these issues and find the joy that you deserve. Laurie Grengs is a licensed therapist with more than thirty five years of experience helping people just like you. Her reputation is built on her being an insightful therapist, a compassionate listener, and a facilitator of greater well-being. Located in Coon Rapids, Laurie will help you utilize the power of love to help you address your needs, improve your relationships, and confront the challenges you face.

Comprehensive Counseling Services

Although every person Laurie works with is dealing with something that is unique to them, there are general categories into which those issues fall. Knowing what those areas are may help you understand that Laurie can also help you:

Depression: Not only is depression better understood these days, we are also recognizing that it is much more widespread than we might have known even a decade ago. It can be caused by internal mechanisms or external traumas. However depression may manifest in your life, you can rest assured that Laurie Grengs will work hard to understand its impact on you. And once you understand its impact, working with Laurie can help you make strides to overcome it.
Couples counseling: All couples experience rough patches. Some couples’ relationships do not survive the rough patches. If you are in that kind of place in your relationship, it is important to recognize that even considering seeking the help of a licensed therapist is a hopeful sign. If you reach out to Laurie, you have even more reason to be hopeful about finding the joy in your relationship once more.
Substance abuse: If you or someone close to you have a substance abuse problem, it is all the more important to seek help from a licensed therapist. The complexity of substance abuse issues means that you must work with an expert who understands the scope of the problem and possesses the expertise to create strategies for overcoming the problems associated with substance abuse.
Children and Adolescent Therapy: Laurie Grengs is perhaps rare among licensed therapists in that she is able to relate so well to young people, as well as adults. If you have a child who is struggling, Laurie is a great resource.

Experienced and Compassionate Therapist

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