Anger Issue Counselor

November 16, 2017

Therapist Coon Rapids MNEveryone experiences anger. It is completely normal and at times even necessary. Anger is an adaptive emotional response to experience of hurt, injustice, fear and frustration. Oftentimes, anger inspires a powerful physical response in the body, such as a rush of adrenaline, increased blood pressure, increased heart-rate and fast breathing.

Anger, if not managed properly, can become harmful at work, in relationships, and affect our overall well-being. Some indicators that you may need to consider an anger counseling course or group anger management therapy sessions include: feeling like you constantly have to control your anger, arguing with your partner, children or coworkers; trouble with the law; physical violence; threats of violence; and out of control behavior.

Anger Issue Counselor

Everyone has a right to their feelings, and at the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, we understand how to deal with anger and help people control their emotions so they can live a better and more fulfilling life. No one intentionally has anger issues, it’s either a learned trait of a lack of the ability to deal with feelings.

Located in Coon Rapids, MN, Laurie Grengs has been working with the community for many years and has lead successful Anger Management therapy. We are here to help teach you how to control your emotions and express yourself in a constructive way. There isn’t one demographic that experiences anger over another; Men and women, children and seniors all have the ability to let their anger get out-of-hand. When you work with us, we have the knowledge, training and experience to help you conquer your anger. When you work us we know how to provide you with the skills and techniques to better your day-to-day life.

If you believe you have anger management issues and want to improve your life, we want to let you know that you do not have to live with these issues forever. There is a way to understand and be able to control yourself before your emotions take hold. The end result will bring you a more positive lifestyle, from relationships to career choices. Once you close that door and are in control of your emotions an entire world will open and the chances you’ve missed will be yours to experience.

Our licensed psychologists have had over 30 years of experience and extensive schooling. When you work with us, we start with an evaluation, which you will be able to provide us with input you feel comfortable giving. If your relationships are suffering, you or your daily life is suffering because of your anger issues, contact The International Center of the Attainment of Love and Joy. We can help you get rid of old habits and bring more positivity to your life. Call us today at 763-572-2326, 877-572-2326 or email us at .

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