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October 30, 2014

Addiction Therapy MNHelp Along The Road To Recovery

Beating addiction and kicking the habit is a major accomplishment. For many people the road to recovery starts with a trip to detox. But, your chance of relapse is much less if you have a strong support system and help from an addiction therapist. A Licensed Psychologist at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, in Coon Rapids, MN is here to help guide you through the recovery process and onto the rest of your life.

Support System For Life-Long Recovery

Substance abuse counseling is an important part of life-long recovery. The struggles of an addicted person run deep and can affect every aspect of their life. It is very common to be dealing with relationship issues, financial issues, job issues, and issues with your parents, children and friends.

A licensed psychologist can also serve as a recovery coach who is experienced in treatment of contributing mental health issues. Many people with drug or alcohol addiction experience depression, anxiety and feelings of shame or unworthiness. The support system that you receive from a licensed addiction therapist can help to overcome negative self-talk and stop unhealthy behaviors.

Dealing With Struggles Of Addiction

Addiction is more than a physical dependency. Even after a body has been detoxed, addicts remain at high risk of relapsing back into use. The emotional and psychological factors are often very powerful and can benefit from psychotherapy techniques.

The following factors can create ongoing urges to fall back into destructive patterns.

  • Coping with an Stressful situation
  • Environmental triggers such as visiting an old neighborhood
  • Social situations among friends or acquaintances who are still using drugs or abusing alcohol

Licensed Psychologist And Addiction Therapist

The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy has decades of experience in helping to recover from Drug or Alcohol Addiction. We have Licensed Psychologists who are an essential support system to guide you to learn coping techniques that deal with individual triggers. We are located in Coon Rapids, MN and would love to aid you on your journey to freedom and joy.

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