Becoming A Stronger You

Therapy in MNLaurie Grengs has more than thirty-five years’ experience helping people through emotional and psychological difficulty. Whether you’re looking for assistance with unresolved issues stemming from difficult relationships or how to maximize your professional advancement, Laurie Grengs has the knowledge base, experience, and wisdom to help you achieve more of your potential.

Laurie Grengs makes you the emphasis of the therapeutic relationship. Spending time in her care is a safe indulgence in your own being, especially considering that the world around us seems intent on telling us that anything and everything we do for ourselves amounts to negative selfishness. Laurie Grengs understands that taking care of yourself is necessary to maximizing your ability to “give back” to society in a positive way.

Being Mindful Of Positive Interactions

When you engage in a conversation with someone and dominate that conversation by only talking about yourself, you can be justifiably accused of acting selfishly in a negative way. Assuming such things occur seldomly if ever, though, it is far more likely that the conversations you engage in are far more balanced and interactive. But even when balance and positive interaction are present in a good conversation, there can be no denying that you’re receiving the benefits associated with human connection. Indulging in a good conversation serves your ‘self.’ It is, therefore, by definition ‘selfish.’ But no one could justifiably or accurately describe the benefits of a good conversation as a negative manifestation of selfishness.

Sadly, though, our society seldom makes such subtle distinctions for us. We receive messages, and reaffirmations of messages, that tell us only that ‘selfishness is bad.’ And because we receive those messages without directions for how to interpret them most accurately and healthily, we often absorb the less advantageous aspects of them along with the most obvious aspects. Laurie Grengs is an accomplished and talented therapist who can help you distinguish more clearly between the subtleties of such messages. Understanding that not all selfish behaviors are negative selfish behaviors can help us reframe our responses to the world and, even more important, our responses to our ourselves.

Partner With Laurie Grengs For Insight, Clarity and Healing

Laurie Grengs can help you be not only more clear in your insights about yourself, but more forgiving of yourself when you recognize shortcomings about your personality or mistakes you’ve made in your relationships with others. Those in the Coon Rapids, Minnesota, area can call Laurie Grengs directly at 1-(877) 572-2326 to schedule an appointment.