Become a Happier More Satisfied Person Coon Rapids MN

HappienessSometimes life seems to be just one thing after another. They don’t necessarily have to be major issues, all the little things just add up and get you down. If you’re stressed or having troubles managing your time The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy can help! We have Licensed Psychologist, in the Coon Rapids, MN area that can offer you some support.

Happiness is a Choice

It is all too often we come across quotes and sayings that make happiness seem so easy; just choose it, like a type of roast at your local coffee shop, or what you’re going to wear today. Sometimes it is that easy, but at times, it can be just as hard as it is easy. Our licensed therapists can help give you tools that will make happiness come easier and stay.

24/7 Therapy Support

Though a lot can be accomplished in just one therapy session, we don’t think it’s fair to have to wait until your next appointment to bring a current life matter up. In the moment it may be hard to change your thinking, or see it sensibly, that’s why we offer over-the-phone support at any time, to get you through the hard time. Day or night, if you need to vent or need advice you’re free to call our therapists.

Tips for Staying Happy:

  • Be mindful of your emotional trends, accept them but don’t allow your thoughts to dictate your feelings, they are not as powerful as they seem.
  • Question what you think and make sure your thoughts are actually truth.
  • Find a positive reminder, it doesn’t matter what it is: a string, bracelet, a penny. Just attached a positive feeling to it and keep it on you when you need a boost.

Perfect New Year’s Resolution

With a little work on your end and some support on ours you could be a happier persons, naturally. If you have been searching for a New Year’s Resolution, make it count and work at becoming a Happier Person. Doing so will not only benefit you but also everyone around you! It might even spread :)

Contact us today for a more mindful next year at (763) 572-2326.