Be As An Eagle: The Manifestation of all your Dreams

Your dream and vision is absolutely yours to have manifested. The Law of Attraction and the attributes of the Eagle are the method for each of us to create our vision with speed and accuracy. It is necessary in creating our dreams that at all times each of us as a human being be “teachable”. Teachable involves two aspects; 1) Willingness to learn. 2) Willingness to change. On a scale of 1-10, each of us need to be at a 9 or 10 on willingness to learn and willingness to change in order that our ability to manifest is at its peak empowerment. Another aspect of the manifestation of our vision is to hold the thought of your dream daily and combine it with a positive emotion, i.e. a burning desire to have the dream manifested. And another key element in the manifestation of your dream is attitude is 80% of anyone of our success’s.

Being as an eagle has key attributes and principles that are central to creating our vision and thus attaining love and joy. The following 12 qualities of an eagle can and if used will change your life. These attributes were taught to me by a man of God who spent years studying the qualities of an eagle and these qualities and attributes transpose to an outline of how to actualize for each of us our dreams and goals in life.

1) Possess a vision that possesses you, for eagles can see farther than they look. As in The Law of Attraction think about your vision/dream daily. You get what you think about most of the time. Vision is seeing farther than your eyes can look. As Helen Keller said, ” What is worse than being blind? Is sight without vision”.

2) Invest in self-development, for eagles always eat “live” food. If we are not learning something new everyday we are not growing. The Law of Attraction says be willing to learn.

3) Test before you trust, for female eagles test their prospective mates. Test your friend’s before you trust them with your time. The Law of Attraction teaches us to be aware of “who are we listening to?”

4) Have the spirit of a high thinker, for eagles never hang with pigeons. Our attitude determines our altitude. Keep company with those you like to be like. The Law of Attraction teaches us to vibrate at high levels of feelings, i.e. joy, bliss, and illumination and surround ourselves with support for that with mentors, spouses, and friends.

5) We as humans do not grow in good times, for the eagle builds difficulty into the nest of its baby eagles because eagles do not automatically fly. When we are faithful over little things, we are made rulers over much. The Law of Attraction says to stay focused on the thought of wanting our dream manifested even when it appears and things are difficult keep the dream and bring in positive emotion, teaching us to not to allow anything outside of us to take us off course.

6) No matter what we are going through it will change, for eagles remain with their nests till the snow melts. The Law of Attraction says stay focused on the thought of your dream no matter what crosses your path.

7) We cannot have courage without fear, for eagles fear is a pre-requisite for courage. The Law of Attraction says when vibrating fear change your thought to vibrate with joy.

8) Invest daily in prayer or meditation, for the eagle spends one hour a day preening its body. The Law of Attraction says willingness to learn is essential to manifestation of our vision and that 99% of how our vision is being manifested is not on our radar screen yet.

9) Know when to vacate, for the eagle routinely goes into a cave for 1-3 months to renew it self. The Law of Attraction declares when it is difficult to change a lower vibrating feeling “go on a vacation”.

10) Use the storms of life to fly higher, for the eagle fly’s into the storm as an opportunity to fly higher. The Law of Attraction says when vibrating low, pick a high vibrating feeling, i.e. joy, and bring in a thought that matches the feeling of joy.

11) We will never succeed in a crowd, for eagles never flock. The Law of Attraction says keep your vision and ask yourself who I am listening to if my vision is being challenged.

12) Never give more time to a critic than a friend, for an eagle uses opposition to grow. The Law of Attraction says keep your thoughts on your vision and ignore most people unless they support your dream.

2 thoughts on “Be As An Eagle: The Manifestation of all your Dreams

  1. Fay

    This is one of the best inspirational and motivating things I have ever read. I’m going to give it a great deal more thought and share it with as many people as I can. I am really blown away with how clear yet how deep each point is.

  2. attainingloveandjoy

    Thank you, Fay.

    Please share this with as many people as possible for this is the purpose of my writing this post. I want people to have the support that uplifts them spiritually.

    Thank you again for your comment.

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