Attracting Peace and Abundance

Living your life in a manner that allows in the vibrations of peace and abundance, is a journey filled with many wonderful opportunities.

Opportunities of attracting peace and abundance are with us each breath and moment of our lives. Though as we enter the human race, much of our openness to these great possibilities often are clouded with shame, fear, and self-hate.

The emotional vibrations of shame, fear, and self-hate are low level frequencies. Vibrating at theses frequencies blocks peace and abundance. As we all enter in human form, each person is inundated unconsciously with shame, fear, and self-hate. There is no specific person responsible for this process. It has been in the vibration of humanity for some time. Freeing ourselves of these three feelings is a process Laurie Grengs Counseling provides.

Shame, fear, and self-hate

Shame is the belief of “I am not good enough.” It manifests as a sense of feeling “I am bad.” and the belief “My worth is determined by my behaviors.”

Fear encompasses a belief of “I need to be or am afraid, thus I do not trust or attempt to undertake new experiences.” Fear often lives in a person as feeling unnerved and scared about people or experiences that are new or different, from what we know or understand.

Self-hate is the deep sense of a person feeling disdain or rejection of themselves. This is exhibited in feeling “I am unworthy.” or in beliefs “I dislike myself.” and/or “I deserve nothing positive.”

The blocks psychologically and spiritually created from these beliefs and feelings may be unconscious or conscious and often debilitating. If these are your thoughts or feelings, then the next step to freedom is awaiting you. When unconscious or conscious shame, fear, or self-hate plague you, call Laurie Grengs Counseling to assist you with your exit plan.

Exit Plan—The Path to Freedom and Attracting Peace and Abundance

Freeing ourselves of these three beliefs and feelings are vital to manifest and attract peace and abundance. In counseling, Laurie Grengs will develop a transformation plan with you, and with your mutual input, march you out of theses chains.

Facing the origins of these beliefs, and coming to know it is not your fault you have these deep struggles, is a vital step in freeing yourself. It is inherent in being human, that there will be a minimal to overwhelming obstacles originating from self-hate, fear, and shame.

The human race on Earth is shifting, subsequently there is a growing enlightened opportunity for all to attract their most deep positive desires. Counseling teaches you the tools to cut the connections of shame, fear, and self-hate and assist you to step into your journey of attracting peace and abundance.

Freedom Unfolds—Enter Peace and Abundance

Laurie Grengs Counseling has been cutting chains with their clients for many decades. As the plan unfolds for a person to get free of the blocks to peace and abundance, more of your desires and dreams commence moving in your direction. Emptying ourselves of the blocks to peace and abundance is essential in creating the opening internally for each person’s pure essence to come alive, thus becoming the source of strength to attract positive feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

Action steps to attract peace and abundance

Step 1: Empower yourself. “I want my dreams fulfilled.” Know that attracting peace and abundance must involve each person choosing to heal and release their shame, fear, and self-hate.

Step 2: Find a guide that resonates with you. Healing and releasing negative beliefs and feelings is enhanced with professional guidance.

Step 3: Act in a manner that which we want to attract, i.e. behaving with kindness and respect. Attraction of peace and abundance comes when we know, feel, and behave in a manner, that exhibits we are kind, empowered, and loving people.

Step 4: Make this your mantra: “I let go of all shame, fear, and self-hate.” Peace and abundance flow into a person, when the internal “world” of a person is free of low vibrating thoughts and emotions.

Step 5: Gently say to yourself “I cut the cords and attachments to low vibrating thoughts and feelings.” Flow comes from cutting the chains of connection to low vibrations.

Step 6: Visualize in you a red heart with the top open and white light showering into the center of the open top. Unconditionally loving ourselves opens the flow.

Step 7: Each step you take hear yourself saying, “I am a confident and loving person.” Flow opens and peace and abundance arrive, as we walk the path of empowerment, humbly unconditionally loving ourselves.

Peace and positive abundance are yours to have. I invite you to make the decision and tell yourself, “I want this opportunity now.” Contact us to learn more about finding your path toward a richer life.