Ascension of the Spirit

Ascension of the SpiritLife with all of its stresses, pressures and challenges can create a heaviness that builds each day.  This added weight can grow slowly and quietly but there is no mistake that it is there. Before we know it, we get used to the added heaviness without even realizing that it is weighing us down.  Over time, the consequences can also build. Our physical health can decline. We may develop high blood pressure, we may gain weight, or become depressed. We may develop a substance abuse problem or experience unhealthy expressions of anger.  Without realizing it, we may realize that we have lost ourselves. With professional help, it is possible to replace the weight we have begun to carry and experience an ascension of the spirit.

Experienced Therapist Who Can Support your Ascension of the Spirit

Laurie Grengs is a professional therapist who leads the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy. She has the experience and knowledge to help you cast off the spiritual weight you have been carrying and transition you into a period of ascension.  Laurie has dedicated her professional life to facilitating the spiritual ascension of individuals who feel weighed down by life’s difficulties. When you make a commitment to understanding the underlying causes and daily effects of what is holding you back from fulfillment, you take steps toward the ascension of your spirit.

What exactly is meant by the term ‘ascension of the spirit’? To ascend means to rise higher.  A spiritual ascension therefore refers to the rising of the spirit. As is true of physical ascensions, spiritual ascensions require a lightness in order to be maximized.  In other words, before one ascends spiritually, one must shed some spiritual weight so that the ascension process can happen. Laurie Grengs can help you gain greater understanding of those aspects of your life that are hindering the ascension of your spirit.

Reach your Spiritual Potential

Experiencing an ascension of the spirit is only accomplished with hard work.  Laurie Grengs not only believes that you deserve the lightness that comes with ascension, she also understands that the work required to experience an ascension of the spirit is more successful when guided by a licensed practitioner.  Laurie understands that your spiritual growth allows you to live more fully into your potential and have an even more positive impact on the world we all share.

The ascension of the spirit does not happen in isolation.  By making the effort to ascend spiritually, you not only heal yourself, you contribute to the healing of the world. To schedule an appointment with Laurie Grengs, call 877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326.