Are You on a Spiritual Journey?

Are You on a Spiritual Journey?Are you on a spiritual journey?  If you think about life’s big questions; if you spend time contemplating how things could be better; if you find yourself feeling inspired by sunsets, touched by the kindness of others, upset by injustice, wondering about the meaning of life, you very likely are on a spiritual journey.  Laurie Grengs is a therapist who founded the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy and works with clients in the Coon Rapids area to work through difficult personal issues in order to achieve the love and joy they deserve.

Achieve Love and Joy in your Life

Traveling toward spirituality can be complicated and painful.  The ideals associated with spirituality—inspiration, the prospects of joy and happiness, and the attainment of fulfillment—may create an impression that spirituality is all about satisfying rewards.  But the realities associated with being on a journey also indicate that such traveling can be difficult and painful.  Spiritual journeys are not just about the rewards; they are also about hard questions that often trip us up or confound us with their endless resistance to being answered.

Laurie Grengs is a highly trained and experienced therapist who understands the wide range of experiences you can have on your unique spiritual journey.  She has helped many people at various points on their spiritual journeys and it is quite likely that she will be able to help you.  As a counselor, Laurie Grengs works toward helping you attain greater awareness of yourself—your motivations, ways to maximize your potential, and recognizing that you are deserving of love and peace.  Attaining greater awareness and meaning in life requires hard work.  If you are someone who places greater than necessary stress on yourself to achieve answers to spiritual questions, Laurie Grengs can serve as a source of needed perspective.

Spiritual Journey Adviser

Seeking spiritual enlightenment is a complicated process.  There are times when the answers we receive on our journeys provide not clarity but more questions.  There are times when those questions stop us in our tracks.  They can even cause us to cast doubt on the value of the journey itself.  At such times, it can be invaluable to have a resource with the depth of experience and empathy that Laurie Grengs is known for.  Laurie helps patients change their thinking, so that they can benefit from healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. If you are ready to refine the way you travel on your journey or if you are in need of a new perspective to help you gain greater clarity, contact Laurie Grengs at 877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326.