Anxiety Counseling Coon Rapids MN

Regain Feelings Of Hope And Joy

 Counseling MNDetermining if you are in need of help for feelings of anxiety can be difficult. What is normal anyway? Everybody gets a little anxious or depressed at times but most do not retain a feeling of hopelessness. Panic Attacks can be terrifying and cause you to avoid situations that formerly brought you joy. Experienced Psychologists at the Coon Rapids, MN, International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, offer holistic, Therapeutic Counseling for Anxiety Disorders.

Symptoms Of A Panic Attack

A panic attack is not the same thing as an anxiety disorder. Some panic attacks are triggered by an event and are not considered to be part of a generalized anxiety disorder. A qualified, Licensed Psychologist can evaluate your symptoms and determine if you may have a panic or anxiety disorder.

The intense feeling of an attack develops quickly and is associated with at least a few of these symptoms:

• Sudden onset of Fear
• Shortness of breath
• Dizziness
• Unnatural fear of dying
• Numbness or tingling sensation
• Heart palpitations
• Shaking or trembling
• Sweatiness
• Nausea
• Hot flashes or chills
• Feeling that you are choking
• A detached feeling from your surroundings
• Chest pain

Reaching out for help can be quite scary but it is a large step in finding relief from anxiety problems. The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy offers individual therapy sessions for panic attacks and anxiety disorders. We utilize a holistic approach that does not include medications. Confidential therapy sessions are available for adults, children and adolescents.

Therapeutic Counseling For Anxiety in Coon Rapids MN

With the help of a Licensed Psychologist, people of all ages can learn to find happiness within and not become overwhelmed by situations. Feelings of hopelessness can be lessened with specialized techniques used in Therapeutic Counseling for Panic Attacks and Anxiety Disorders. For an evaluation and help with anxiety issues, contact our discreet Coon Rapids, MN location.

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