Anti-Ageing the Natural Way

Often the message from family, culture, and/or society is not to feel our feelings, especially if these feelings are anger, sadness, or disappointment. Yet the result of not feeling these feelings is, for each of us as a human being, to then subsequently unknowingly hold these “negative” feelings in our body.

It is without exception, that to bring our body and to allow our body to achieve its best is possible regardless of age. One of the most misunderstood “secrets” of our time is that feeling our feelings entrenches us as human being more in the feeling, especially if it is anger or sadness. The secret that is getting out, is that feeling these feelings (anger and sadness for example) are the avenue to sustained happiness and keeping our spirits, minds, and bodies young.

Not having the opportunity for all people to feel and work through feelings that are often uncomfortable to feel, i.e. anger, hurt, results in the body carrying the feelings in its cells and membranes physically, in our hearts psychologically, and in our souls. Facing into feelings of anger, hurt, and disappointment psychologically requires a system in our culture that leads and supports people to know all parts of who they are and how they became the way they are. Thus the reason for psychotherapy to be invented and encouraged in every way so we can as a world community achieve optimal health at any age.

Respect and empower

A central aspect of psychotherapy and marriage counseling is to assist, guide, and teach people how to express feelings respectfully and empower people to know themselves and know others from an emotional perspective of respect and love. How to bring this about in therapy is by providing a trusting therapeutic relationship where each person can explore his or her thoughts and feelings openly. The goal from psychotherapy is then, as a human race, we can on an everyday basis relate to ourselves and each other with an openness that is received and cherished.

It is well-known, yet not spoken about openly, that the wrinkles on our faces, the physical pain in our bodies, and the rampant feeling of depression, and anxiety often come from unexpressed feelings of sadness and anger. It is not enough to have a “safe” place to express these feeling, it is imperative that we as a human being can have access to the knowledge and process of how to face our feelings, feel our feelings, and get free of the difficult and negative feelings. “The Three Fs” (face, feel and free) I have coined as you can see in my blog

The process of facing, feeling and freeing ourselves from painful feelings is not possible through “thought” or “willpower” alone. The evidence in my thirty three years of practicing as a psychotherapist, twenty-two years as a Licensed Psychologist, and twenty-one years as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, shows relentlessly that we as a human being can feel, be, and look younger as we are transformed by a process of dealing with what is occurring on an emotional level for each person. My psychology practice exemplifies, that as a human being when freeing ourselves of our emotional pain with expert help of a psychologist, we can live longer and more peaceful lives.

It is when we do not have the support and opportunity of expert help to deal with anger and hurt, that these feelings have to be stuffed away in our body, i.e. eating food are bodies are not hungry for or “pushing” down in our psyche anger by denying the feeling exists. This only contributes to a person feeling more tension and pressure. A successful path to Anti-Ageing is accomplished though psychotherapy and marriage counseling. Facing, feeling, and freeing ourselves of anger, hate, jealousy, and sadness allows for transformation of our minds, hearts, and souls, thus bringing us, as a human race, closer to the universal supply of love, joy, and abundance.

This process of psychotherapy I have described raises our vibrational frequency and raising our vibrational frequency through “The Three Fs” will be portrayed in a case (names and dates changed to protect privacy) I will describe in more depth in my next blog post.