Anger Management Therapist for Adults

Anger Management Therapist for AdultsLife can be complicated, and life can be hard. Its complications and difficulties have been instilled in most of us since we were children. And when those complications and difficulties mix with extreme emotions, like anger and frustration, adults tend to respond expediently, meaning we do not often take the time to process our anger efficiently. We experience anger and tend not to consider its impact on others, or ourselves, in moments of anger.

Anger Control Therapist

Over time, our familiarity with anger takes precedence over expressing it better and before we know it, we have a more general problem with anger management. You are not alone if you recognize this in yourself. Fortunately, there are therapists who specialize in anger management and can help you learn how to control your emotions in a healthy way. Located in Coon Rapids, MN Laurie Grengs is an anger management therapist who can help.

Develop Anger Management Strategies

Laurie has vast experience in helping adults manage their anger. She has been in practice as a licensed therapist for well over thirty years. She understands that anger is a simple emotion, but also that simple emotions can often be anything but easy to manage. When you work with Laurie, she will help you implement strategies that have great potential for success. She will work with you and provide you with valuable skills, techniques and help you develop communication skills that allow you to express your anger in a more positive way.

You can work with Laurie in individual therapy or you can enroll in one of her anger management classes. Individual therapy allows you to go deeper into the origins of your anger with the guidance of a talented and insightful therapist. Taking part in an anger management class allows you to benefit from the perspectives of others who are dealing with similar issues, while the classes are facilitated by that same talented therapist. Both approaches can be extremely valuable.

Take Control over Your Anger

Anger is a normal part of the human menu of emotions, so do not think that anger management is a veiled term for eliminating anger from your life. It serves a purpose. But like most things, if its presence is too strong or manifests negatively, it requires attention. If anger is our “go-to” emotion, the chances increase that it is expressed inappropriately and perhaps in a self-destructive manner. When these kinds of problems arise, a therapist like Laurie Grengs can be enormously helpful to us. Managing your anger is like taking your car in for an oil change—it is necessary maintenance. And the longer you wait, the worse the problem becomes. Laurie Grengs can help you make your anger work better for you. You can schedule an appointment by calling 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326; or send an email to