Anger Management for Women MN

Anger Management Services for Women near Coon Rapids MNWe hear a lot about the kinds of problems that are caused by out-of-control anger issues, and most of the images that appear in our minds are likely to be of men—losing their tempers in public, losing their tempers at home, yelling and screaming at their spouses and/or children, etc.  But it is inaccurate to think that anger is the exclusive emotional purview of men.  Laurie Grengs of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, understands that women are equally susceptible to the problems that accrue to anger.

Anger Support Coon Rapids

Getting help requires, for a lot of women, taking a big step.  That step can feel even bigger when it involves confronting your own issues with anger.  But Laurie Grengs can make the process of seeking Anger Management Therapy less intimidating and fearful.  Laurie Grengs can empower you with anger management techniques that build on your strengths and life experiences.  Furthermore, she promises privacy, compassion, empathy, and an environment that is entirely free of judgment.

This last point is an important one.  Not only does Laurie Grengs promise a therapeutic environment free of judgment, she understands that judgment has no place in the therapeutic relationship precisely because anger is a universal emotion and therefore there should be a feeling, instead, that we are all in this together.  When one emotion—in this instance, anger—becomes problematic, it is the problem that needs to be addressed, and there is no need to make a client feel badly about this emotion.  It is, plain and simple, an issue that needs to be addressed, and anyone who is struggling with the outcomes of that emotion deserves help.

Seeking Anger Management Therapy

But we also live in a society in which women are often made to feel discouraged from showing their feelings of anger.  It has long been considered the opposite of ladylike behavior for women to express anger.  But times change, and so too should our attitudes toward the treatment of problems faced by fellow human beings.  Laurie Grengs is a naturally empathetic person with extensive training in psychology and therapy and thirty years of experience working with clients on anger management issues.  As such, she offers a variety of treatment options for you.  Laurie will work with you individually to address issues of anger, or you can take part in one of the anger management classes that she makes available.

Laurie Grengs’ ultimate goal is to help people achieve greater fulfillment by helping them resolve outstanding issues in their lives.  If you live in or near Coon Rapids, contact her for an appointment for help with your anger issues.  Call her directly at 1-(877) 572-2326 or email for more information.