Anger Management Counselor Blaine MN

A Cycle of Anger Passed Down Through Generations

Youth Psychological MNFamily units have a tremendous affect on character development of young children. In families with anger issues the anger tradition spreads from one generation to the next. Fortunately, the cycle can be broken with the help of an Experienced Anger Management Counselor. At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, we have more than 30 years of experience in helping Blaine, MN individuals, spouses and families with anger problems. Therapy is provided with an Individual Anger Management Counselor.

Communication Between Spouses

Communication is the bedrock of a happy, functional marriage. Poor communication between spouses can result in years of resentment and anger. Children are not immune to the affects of anger and hostility between their parents. They learn to communicate in much the same way that they have witnessed in their own homes. The anger cycle can be broken through effective therapy techniques that provide skills needed to communicate without resentment.

Anger Management Solving Techniques

Good problem solving skills can help to mitigate feelings of anger before they bubble up into an outburst. Anger Management Counselors in Blaine, MN can meet with you for individual therapy sessions that teach you to effectively deal with your emotions before they become a wedge in your relationships.

Recognizing an Anger Problem

Most people with Anger Issues are aware of their problem but often feel that it’s a part of their personality that cannot be changed. If you suspect that your spouse or family member has an Anger Disorder there are signs that you can recognize that happen frequently.

  • An individual becomes angry in situations that would be more appropriate to have feelings of mild irritation.
  • Repeated conflicts in social or career situations due to outbursts of anger.
  • Friends and family have expressed concern over anger.
  • Physical symptoms of anxiety, intestinal issues and high blood pressure.
  • Feelings of guilt over past anger outbursts.

Anger Management Counseling

The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is a wonderful resource for Blaine, MN individuals, spouses and families who are struggling with anger problems. Through Individual Anger Management Counseling, we provide individuals with skills that help with Communication and Problem Solving. These two aspects of a marriage must function properly to break the cycle of anger.

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