Anger Management Counseling Ham Lake, Minnesota

Anger Management Counseling Ham Lake, MinnesotaNot dealing with our anger is toxic to all of us.  We convince ourselves that the person we’re angry at deserves it, so we insist on experiencing it.  What we tend to forget is that anger, when not processed well, eats us from the inside out.  Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. The wisdom of that thought is that anger is poisonous to us, and if we don’t deal with it in a healthy way, it can do more damage to us than it is worth.  Laurie Grengs, a highly experienced counselor and therapist serving the Ham Lake, MN, is affiliated with the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy. She can help you understand your anger and process it in a healthier way.

Anger Management Counselor Ham Lake, MN

Laurie Grengs has served the people of the community of Ham Lake, MN, for more than thirty-five years.  In that time, she has worked to help people work through their feelings more effectively.  Anger is a normal and necessary human emotion, but it can be so dominant that it harms the person who experiences it.  If you live in Ham Lake and have considered looking for the help of a qualified therapist, consider Laurie Grengs as a therapeutic possibility for anger management counseling services.  If anger is having a negative effect on your outlook on life or your physical health, she can help you control your emotions and display them in a healthy way.

The first and most obvious way of describing an inability to control your anger would be with more familiar outbursts like yelling at friends and family members, maybe provoking confrontations with strangers, or cutting drivers off in traffic.  When we think of angry expressiveness, it’s probably the outward-directed kind.  We must also remember that we can aim anger inwardly too, and that may be even more unhealthy for us.

Take Control Over Your Anger

When outward expressions of anger become problematic for others in addition to us, we are more likely to notice the impact on the people in our lives. However, when we turn anger inward, others may not even know that you are angry. If they don’t know you’re angry with yourself, they are that much further away from being able to offer help or support.  Laurie Grengs can help you unpack those deep emotions  in a way that helps you turn a corner and gain control.

Laurie Grengs is a talented therapist who can help you better understand the underlying causes of your anger. For more information, call 1-(877) 572-2326 to schedule an appointment.