Anger Management Coon Rapids Minnesota

Coon Rapids CounselorLaurie Grengs is an experienced and highly regarded therapist in the Coon Rapids area.  Her practice focuses on helping individuals address virtually any kind of personal, psychological, or mental health issue.  One specific aspect of her expertise is her ability to help individuals manage their anger better.  Laurie Grengs is qualified to evaluate your situation, provide a tailored approach to therapy and then empower you with new and effective anger management techniques.  In addition, Laurie Grengs can connect you with Anger Management Classes and provide you with anger support so that you do not feel alone as you take steps to address these issues.

Anger Support Coon Rapids

Laurie Grengs is a representative of the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy.  The process of attaining love and joy can require extremely hard and painful work.  Seeking to attain greater competency in love and joy is not only valuable hard work, it is quite possibly the best antidote to issues in our lives related to anger.

Anger, of course, is a human emotion and it therefore actually serves a purpose.  But like any emotion, if it is too dominant or causes difficulty, tension, fear, or other consequences for the relationships in your life, you should strongly consider seeking support so that you are able to manage it appropriately.  Often times anger issues are the result of a loss of perspective.  A qualified professional therapist can help you regain the healthy perspective you might once have had.  If you have known anger throughout your life—in other words, if it is something more complicated and historic than a loss of perspective—a qualified professional therapist can help you understand the underlying causes, address them honestly and forthrightly, and make progress so that your expressions of anger are healthy and in line with the expectations of the world around you.

Finding Effective Anger Management Techniques

As stated above, anger is a normal color on the palette of emotions.  And there should be no shame felt by seeking the help of a counselor any more than you should feel ashamed for seeing an orthopedist when you break a bone.  Unchecked anger can have consequences for the people in our lives, as well as to ourselves.  We owe it to everyone in our lives to work toward the best versions of ourselves, and Laurie Grengs is one of the best resources available to help us do just that.  For more information about anger management therapy and finding anger management techniques that will work for you,Coon Rapids Counselor or email Laurie directly at  to discuss your current situation and find the best path forward.