Anger Management Classes

Therapist Coon RapidsIf you have issues with anger and want to take steps to improve your situation, find balance, and work to understand and control your emotions, consider reaching out to Laurie Grengs for more information on her Anger Management Classes. Our staff is equipped to help you, whether you are taking the initiative to improve your response to anger or if you have been directed to do so. We will be happy to provide you with more information about how we can help you better manage your anger so that you can improve your relationships and your quality of life. Laurie’s office is conveniently located in Coon Rapids, MN.

Classes For Anger Management

Laurie Grengs has more than thirty years of experience helping individuals find ways to understand and manage anger in a healthy way. Her experience allows her to implement strategies that have real, practical application to your life. The anger management classes offered through Laurie’s practice add a different dimension. By enrolling in her anger management class, you have the benefit of addressing your own anger issues in the presence of others who have insights and experiences that can add to your overall understanding of the sources and incitements of your anger. Taking a class with others who share your interest in managing your expression of anger can add an important layer of accountability to your efforts. Being in the presence of other people who share an important characteristic with you can lend you the kind of wisdom that can be elusive when you try to find it alone.

Anger serves a purpose, of course. All humans experience anger at one time or another. So being angry or expressing anger is not necessarily a bad thing. But if we rely on it too frequently, it ceases to be just another emotional expression from the human emotional menu, and becomes one that is itself a problem. When we rely on anger too often, its impact on others and ourselves can be damaging. And if we do not learn the skills associated with anger management, its presence can become a pattern that feels impossible to alter, much less control. But Laurie anger management classes can be helpful to you in your efforts to improve your life.

Experience Anger Management Therapist

The presence of anger in your life is not, on its own, an indication of a problem. But if you find that one or more relationships are being negatively affected, you may well have a problem with anger. Attending Laurie Grengs’ anger management classes could be exactly what you need to gain control of your anger and improve the relationships that have been affected by it. Give us a call at 763-572-2326, or 877-572-2326 or email us at to schedule an appointment.