Anger Issue Adolescent Counselor

Adolescent CouselerWhen we hold on to anger, it festers within us and threatens to define our relationships with family members and virtually every person we meet who might become close to us. Anger becomes toxic when it is not dealt with properly. When adolescents learn to hold on to anger, the toxicity threatens to become life-long patterns. More immediately, anger can manifest in tense family relations and sometimes even run-ins with the legal system. But even if anger is “only” affecting day-to-day relationships, when it is experienced by adolescents it is important to deal with it properly, caringly, and thoroughly as they are still maturing and their view of the world is limited. Laurie Grengs is a licensed psychologist who offers comprehensive counseling services for adolescents with anger issues. Her practice serves the communities of Coon Rapids, Blaine, Andover, and Ham Lake, Minnesota area and she has 35 years of experience helping adolescents understand their anger and control it better.

Anger Management Therapy, MN

In the three decades that she has counseled people in Minnesota, Laurie Grengs has treated people with her knowledge that anger can be experienced in ways that guarantee that it harms the person who experiences it. In other words, expressing anger is not necessarily a healthy purging of a toxin; it is instead a way of causing it to build up inside the person who feels it. If you live in or near Coon Rapids, Minnesota, and you know or are responsible for an adolescent who is having anger issues, Laurie Grengs can help. She uses love as a tool that can give each of her clients strength to face any challenge that comes their way.

Identifying an occasional to frequent inability to control your anger can be defined in many ways. The first and probably the most obvious way of describing an inability to control anger would be with more familiar expressions of anger, such as yelling at family members, fighting in school, engaging in road-rage incidents, and countless others. Those are examples of anger being expressed toward others. It is necessary to understand that anger can also be internalized, or expressed inwardly, and that can be even more problematic for the adolescent who experiences it.

Anger Therapy For Adolescents

Laurie Grengs understands the adolescent mind, and even more important, she is able to communicate well with young people who have issues with anger. The outwardly directed examples of anger have a more immediate impact on the people who are nearby when it is expressed. But when anger is held in, the people who are nearby when the expression occurs may be completely oblivious to the fact that the adolescent in question is experiencing anger. Laurie Grengs can help create strategies to deal with anger more effectively and express it in ways that are healthier and more productive, as opposed to unhealthy and destructive. Call her at 877-572-2326 today to schedule an appointment.