Anger Assessment Anoka County, Minnesota

Anger Assessment Anoka County, MinnesotaIf your life, or the life of a loved one, is negatively affected by anger, Laurie Grengs can help. Of all the human emotions, anger is at once one of the most basic and perhaps least understood of emotions. Our society tends to recognize that anger is a normal part of life, but it does not always provide the tools for us to process it in healthy ways. Consequently, our response to it can be distorted and unproductive. If we ourselves are prone to angry outbursts, we may explode without control and cause upset to those around us. If anger is more of an issue for a loved-one, we may learn to avoid conflict with them in all situations. Neither extreme does anyone any favors, and we promise you do not have to live like that.

If you have issues with anger and have reached some level of awareness of it, good for you. It is time to do something about it, and Laurie Grengs is a great resource to consider. If you are concerned about someone close to you who has issues with anger, the same message is true: Laurie Grengs is a great resource to seek out. Laurie offers individual counseling, anger management classes, andanger assessments.

AngerAssessments include:

● Behavior Assessment
● Mental Health and Personality Disorder assessments
● ADHD Screening
● Learning Disorders
● Developmental Delays
● Autism Evaluations
● Interpersonal Issues

Determining which of these evaluations is most appropriate is dependent on the client’s individual circumstances. Understanding how to distinguish between anger that is natural and normal from anger that is problematic can be extremely difficult. The way we express anger develops over time, and the familiarity of how we express our anger may prevent us from understanding its impact on others. Fortunately, though, there are sources of relief that are readily available and Laurie Grengs can help you identify them. Sometimes, sitting in the presence of a neutral third party, someone who is invested in our well-being and who has the training and experience to provide new insights, can be just what we need to control our anger.

Learn to Control Your Anger

Laurie Grengs has lent her counseling expertise to countless people for more than thirty years. In addition to providing individual counseling, she also offers Anger Management classes. Taking an anger management class can be helpful to many people because they allow them to see their own behaviors through the experiences of others.

Anger Assessment Anoka County, Minnesota

Laurie Grengs can help you or the person you are concerned about understand the nature of the anger that is having a negative impact. Awareness of the origins of an issue is the best first step toward getting the issue under control. To schedule an appointment, call 763-572-2326 or send an email to