Adolescent Therapy, MN

Adolescent Therapy, MNYoung people—adolescents, specifically—are entering a pivotal time in life at an interesting and sometimes harrowing time in our history.  Adolescents are working toward getting their driver’s’ licenses, and high school seniors are facing the idea of socializing out of their homes.  More adolescents are experiencing depression and anxiety than ever before.  Identifying the larger societal causes of these phenomena may be difficult or impossible to achieve.  If you or your adolescent loved-one lives in the Coon Rapids area, Laurie Grengs is a licensed therapist who specializes in adolescent therapy and can help your teen through the difficult times they face and help them make positive and productive decisions.

Therapy Focused On Young Adults

In most situations, we work with adolescents on an individual basis, through the technique variously known as talk therapy, psychotherapy, or the more general counseling.  Laurie Grengs has treated adolescents in therapeutic ways for more than thirty-five years.  During that time, she has developed a patient-centered approach to working with adolescents that emphasizes empathy, listening, and gentle challenging.  Her reputation is based on the ease with which young people experience talking with her, perhaps most especially when working on issues that have been difficult for that individual.

From a practical point of view, Laurie can help your teen employ strategies that can be implemented gradually and more effectively.  In the end, one will know himself better as a consequence of work with Laurie. Self-awareness will empower them and provide confidence to help one face the many difficulties of being a teen in our culture.  Laurie also understands that reaching out to a counselor can feel risky and cause feelings of great vulnerability; her communication skills and warmth will immediately put your teen at ease.

Navigate Adolescence With Support

Many adolescents with whom Laurie Grengs has worked have found that, in her presence, their vulnerability is not a weakness but evidence of their self-awareness.  Laurie then helps adolescents recognize their strengths and offers insights and thoughtful questions that challenge them to accept not only their weaknesses but also the strengths that make them who they are.

If adolescence is defined, in part, as the time in life when you feel like no one else understands you, give Laurie Grengs a chance.  You will soon begin to feel better about this amazing life and all of its many wonderful and occasionally painful lessons.  Call her today at (763) 572-2326 or (877) 572-2326 to schedule an appointment.