Adolescent Therapy Coon Rapids

Adolescent Therapist Coon RapidsQualified therapists work very hard to become good at their profession, and Laurie Grengs of Coon Rapids, MN, is among the best available. Finding a therapist who can relate to an adolescent who is in need of therapy can be very difficult. Laurie Grengs has more than three decades working with adolescents and will work hard to connect with your young adult offspring to provide the best possible assistance with a wide range of psychological issues.

Young Adult Therapy, Coon Rapids

Adolescent therapy most often occurs in the context of individual therapy, which is also known by several other names. More familiar for it include ‘talk therapy,’ ‘psychotherapy,’ and ‘counseling.’ Laurie Grengs takes a patient-centered individual therapy approach, which means that she will do her best to make a patient feel comfortable with her. She will include you in the process of determining the best means of addressing the issues that are affecting you. If you are an adolescent, this will become increasingly important in helping you feel confident that an adult can understand and provide insight into the issues affecting you. Laurie can help adolescents navigate challenges they may be having with family issues, relationships, anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, substance abuse and other struggles.

Navigating Young Adulthood With Support

In Laurie Grengs, young adults find a therapist who offers a strong feeling of compassion and extensive knowledge of the human mind and how to effectively create strategies that help people feel better about their lives. The goal of individual therapy is to increase self-awareness. Increasing self-awareness can happen on your own, of course, but the complexity of most psychological issues—especially if the involve such things as childhood trauma and other factors of a complicated nature—makes it far more difficult to gain greater self-awareness without the assistance of someone who is trained to provide help.

Young adults offer struggle with common social anxieties that may seem intense and even excruciating at the time, but that can often be effectively confronted as an adult. Adolescents do not yet have the maturity of adults, so may need help coping with social expectations or social stresses like self-esteem issues, gender identity and expectations, making decisions regarding their futures, sexuality, employment, income, and confronting the social expectations of other young adults. Laurie Grengs can meet your adolescent where they are and help them move forward in a more positive way.

Adolescent Therapist, Coon Rapids

As adolescents move toward adulthood, they may have trouble making sense of the transition from childhood to adulthood. Laurie Grengs can help provide the support and insight needed to tackle the issues weighing them down and develop strategies and tools to effectively manage them moving forward. If you live in the Coon Rapids area and think that your adolescent son or daughter could benefit from working with Laurie Grengs, call (763) 572-2326 or toll-free at (877) 572-2326, or send an email to .





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