Addiction Counseling Blaine MN

Substance Abuse MNHave you ever been addicted to something during your life? If so, do you remember how difficult it was to overcome the addiction? When most people hear the word addiction, their thoughts tend to go directly to drugs and alcohol. Although drugs and alcohol are some of the more common habits that cause addiction, you can also become addicted to many other things. For instance, you could become addicted to exercising, eating, working, and many other things. Regardless of the addictive habit you are dealing with, committing to addiction counseling may be your best way out. Addiction can cause very dark times for individuals, and trying to overcome your addiction should not be done on your own. If you live in Blaine, MN, and are ready to commit to addiction counseling, look no further than The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy.

Licensed Psychologist near Blaine MN

By partnering with our licensed psychologist, Laurie Grengs, and her staff, you get over 35 years worth of experience in the counseling arena. Additionally, you will work with a dedicated team that keeps all aspects of your counseling confidential. We know that everyone has busy schedules these days, so we make it a point to be available as much as possible for counseling appointments. To prove it, we are open Monday through Friday from 8am-9pm, Saturday from 10am-4pm, and Sunday from 1pm-5pm. So, do not let your busy schedule be the excuse you use to avoid getting help. Don’t let another month go by without getting assistance. With the resources that our team of professionals can provide, you will be able to beat this addiction once and for all!

Our Holistic Counseling Approach

  • Listening – Our team truly listens to the issues and problems you are dealing with. Through listening, we can come up with a game plan to fight your addiction head on.
  • Guidance – We are not a group of counselors that forget to follow up. Instead, we follow up with you every step of the way to make sure you are heading in the right direction with your addiction.
  • Support Groups – You are not the only one dealing with addiction in this area. Sometimes just spending time with other people who are dealing with some of the same issues that you are can help you gain the confidence you need to get rid of your addiction.

So, if you are ready to commit to addiction counseling and you live in Blaine, MN, look no further than The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy. Give us a call today at (763) 572-2326 to set up your first counseling appointment.