Abusive Couples Counselor

Abusive Couples CounselorAn aspect of relationships that is always regrettable and never acceptable is the presence of abuse.  If you are in an abusive relationship, Laurie Grengs is a counselor who can help you.  Laurie is a counselor who understands that.  While there may be certain aspects of abusive relationships that are present in many of those relationships, your circumstances are most certainly unique.  She works hard to understand the specific components of your relationship that make it what it is, and she works with you to develop strategies that will be effective in addressing the abuse in your relationship.

Couples Counseling for Abusive Relationships

It is possible that you are in a relationship that is characterized by mutual abuse, in which case Laurie Grengs would approach your counseling plan with that dynamic in mind.  The trend in most abusive relationships, however, is for there to be a power imbalance created by one of you, which can result in that person instilling fear, acting manipulatively, intimidating, or inciting the partner to feel guilt for any number of reasons.  If you are the person in your relationship who is behaving in such ways, seeking out this kind of information is a good step—it shows that you are ready to get help. Laurie can can work with couples who are ready to move past the abuse, couples who may need some time apart and couples who still have significant conflict present.

Abusive Couples Counselor

Laurie has honed her counseling skills over more than three decades, during which time she has worked with many people who have found themselves in abusive relationships.  She understands the complexity of abuse, the current manifestations of it, and the future implications.  But of the many benefits of working with Laurie, the most vital one to your healing is the understanding and empathy with which she treats her clients.  It is not uncommon for people who endure the abuse of a partner to blame themselves in some way.  When you work with Laurie Grengs, you will soon learn that Laurie does not judge.  She will be honest and forthright with you, but you will not feel judged in any way for your own conduct in the relationship.  Abuse is only ever the fault of the abuser. 

Experienced Abusive Couples Counselor

If you are ready to make improvements to your life by addressing issues of abuse in your relationship, give Laurie a call at 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326, or send an email to laurie@lauriegrengs.com.  She will be glad to begin working with you.