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The Law of Attraction

I am going to guide you today to age old yet hidden information about how to change your life and manifest all your desires. First I would like to share with you that I have a private practice where I provide marriage and couple’s therapy. I am also a Life Coach and Executive Coach. As […]

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Facing, Feeling and Freeing ( the Three F’s ): A case example of Transformation of the Mind, Heart, and Soul

Elizabeth and Thomas arrived at my office at the specified time for their appointment. Elizabeth was crying as she entered the session, her husband standing at her side. She bent over and slid onto the couch in my office and wept. Thomas, her husband, said to me their psychologist and marriage therapist, she has been […]

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Anti-Ageing the Natural Way

Often the message from family, culture, and/or society is not to feel our feelings, especially if these feelings are anger, sadness, or disappointment. Yet the result of not feeling these feelings is, for each of us as a human being, to then subsequently unknowingly hold these “negative” feelings in our body. It is without exception, […]

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